40x65x16 Barn in Florida With 30×65 Lean-Tos on Each Side

40x65x16 Barn in Florida With 30×65 Lean-Tos on Each Side

Although traditional barns are constructed using wood, modern farmers know that steel is a smarter choice. Pre-engineered steel barns not only last longer and are more affordable, but they are more versatile and can meet the diverse storage and agricultural needs of farmers and Florida residents alike. Whether you intend to use a steel barn for agricultural purposes, as a workshop, or for storage, these structures offer ample room for a wide range of needs.

40x65x16 Barn in Florida With 30×65 Lean-Tos on Each Side

One of our latest projects involved a 40x65x16 barn in Florida with 30×65 lean-tos added on each side of the structure. This barn is substantial, measuring 40 feet in width, 65 feet in length, and standing at a height of 16 feet. It’s clear-span interior design is perfect for storage needs and more.

The exterior of this 40x65x16 steel barn exudes the feel of a traditional barn. The customer chose a bold Crimson Red for the walls and a crisp White for the trim. This classic contrast is designed to make a statement and stand out in Florida’s tropical landscape.

However, what truly sets this steel barn apart is the two 30×65 lean-tos on each side, providing even more functional space. These lean-tos give our customer options for shaded outdoor storage, loading areas that are protected from severe weather, and more.

Steel Barns Manufactured According to Florida Building Codes

This 40x65x16 steel barn with lean-tos has been constructed in compliance with Florida Building Code (FBC) 2020. It is rated to withstand robust 140 mph winds, giving this barn the ability to withstand tropical weather that will inevitably hit the Sunshine State.

At Titan Steel Structures, all of our prefab steel barns and building kits are manufactured according to your local building codes. Each of our steel barns in Florida comes stamped and sealed with engineering blueprints signed by a trusted Florida engineer.

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