100x300x25 Steel Warehouse/Storage Building in New York

100x300x25 Steel Warehouse/Storage Building in New York

Prefab steel buildings make excellent warehouse and storage buildings because of their clear-span design. Even steel buildings as large as this 100x300x25 one don’t require interior support beams or columns, allowing for 30,000 sq ft of usable, wide open space perfect for storage and manufacturing. Not only that, but steel buildings are versatile and durable and can be customized according to your warehouse’s needs.

100x300x25 Steel Warehouse/Storage Building in New York

Measuring 100 feet in width, 300 feet in length, and 25 feet in height, this expansive steel structure provides a vast space for warehousing and storage needs in New York. Whether it’s commercial inventory, household belongings, or various storage requirements, this 100x300x25 steel warehouse offers the necessary room to accommodate them all.

On the outside, the customer chose Harbor Blue walls and Ash Gray trim, providing a striking and visually appealing exterior and giving this warehouse character that stands out in the cityscape. With multiple garage and pedestrian doors, this building has the ultimate maneuverability for storage items both big and small.

Steel Warehouses and Storage Buildings Manufactured According to New York Building Codes

Designed in strict adherence to the New York Building Codes of 2020, it’s built to withstand the challenges of the region’s climate. This building is rated for a 50 lb psf snow load and for 109 mph wind. The robust steel construction ensures the safe storage of goods and materials within its walls.

At Titan Steel Structures, all of our pre-engineered steel buildings are engineered in compliance with state and local building codes. They also come stamped and sealed with engineering blueprints signed by a licensed engineer in your state.

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