Barndominiums: A Hot New Trend

Barndominiums are a Hot New Trend…

Chances are you have heard of the tiny home trend that has swept the millennial generation over the past few years. This trend is centered on the notion that bigger is not always better, and from the desire of those in their late 20s and early 30s to de-clutter their life. Many having seen their parents sweat and save for decades in order to acquire material possessions, sought out a cultural shift to this. They have moved towards the opposite end of the spectrum, to a more simply way of living, and hence the tiny house. Many documentaries and TV shows have been created about tiny homes, but unfortunately many people have never heard of their close counterpart the barndominium. The barndominium is in many ways this current generations answer to modernity. The barndominium is a way for those who are not too keen on living in a 125 sq. ft. home, to achieve the same goals as the tiny home. They are easily built with the use of metal building home kits. Not to mention they are fairly cheap when compared to traditional housing.

Why Are People Choosing Barndominiums?

Seeing as how a picture is worth a thousand words and a video is worth a million, check out this video to see why exactly people are choosing to live in Barndominiums.

Just look at the landscape that these individual’s home overlooks. It is incredibly beautiful. And one of the main appeals of using metal building home kits is that you can build in areas just like that. While yes these individuals could have built a traditional home out there in the middle of nowhere, it would have tremendous more expensive to do so. Simply hauling up the materials to that site would have been very expensive. But with metal building home kits, like the one seen in the video, construction is simple and quick. Also the buildings come pre-fabricated with everything that they need in order to be sustainable. Which is a plus considering that many home buyers are not technically capable of wiring their own home and running the plumbing through their house. For a generation that was raised with the Internet and the ability to receive instant gratification and instant answers, metal building home kits allow them to achieve a homestead quickly and without hassle. They are in many in a very real sense the modern answer to anti-modern living.

There are also individuals who are building a metal shop with living quarters. These building are similar to a barndominium but harken back to a more bohemian, artsy life style. One where the artist lived where they worked. This trend of having a metal shop with living quarters has become increasingly more popular among 20 something’s. Especially those who have realized that living in a major city is not only out of their price range, but comes with a whole slew of problems for emerging artists.

However, not just young hopeful artists are building metal shops with living quarters, as many older men are finding the living situation suitable for their hobbies or man caves. They are able to have their wood shop attached to the house. Or they are able to build that bar they have always wanted. But yet still have a place away from there that they can call home.

It truly is incredible what individuals come up with. It seems that every year there are new ideas, and just when you think you’ve seen it all, something new comes along and blows your mind again. That is the case with the barndominium, and I for one look forward to what people do with it in the future.

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