5 Reasons Why Steel Buildings are a Great Option for California Residents and Businesses

When people are thinking of erecting a building, the first materials that come to mind are usually wood or concrete. While these building materials can be beneficial in some circumstances, steel is the best choice for California residents and businesses. Whether you are building an office space, a warehouse, or even a home, using steel will provide you with a variety of benefits.

In California specifically, wood buildings are becoming a thing of the past. As the weather becomes more extreme in the state each year, companies are beginning to favor steel structures over wood or concrete because steel can withstand many different types of extreme weather, including wildfires.

If you are thinking of building something in California, being aware of the 5 reasons steel buildings are superior can make your planning process much easier.

1. Energy Efficiency

Steel buildings are easier to insulate than other materials and can use a wide range of insulation types. Because it is easy to insulate a steel building, your energy costs will lower substantially. Additionally, this will limit your environmental impact, helping you keep California green.

Energy efficiency is extremely important for buildings in California, as California’s Building Energy Efficiency Standards are updated every three years to improve building efficiency and reduce wasteful energy consumption. Choosing a steel building will make it much easier for you to meet the energy efficiency standards in California.

Also, energy costs in California tend to be higher than in other states, making it important that you choose a building material that can save you money in the long run.

2. Increased Ability to Withstand Wildfires

Steel is a durable and noncombustible fire-resistant material. When steel buildings are properly designed and constructed, they can withstand exposure to prolonged and elevated temperatures during a fire. Using a material that is fire-resistant to build your home or business is very smart if you live in California, as fast-spreading wildfires continue to increase in intensity year after year.

Even further, many steel buildings come with the option to use spray-applied fire-resistant material (SFRM). SFRM prevents structural failure that occurs when the building is exposed to rapidly increasing temperatures. In other words, if you are living in a place like California where wildfires are a common concern, choosing a steel building is your smartest move.

3. Earthquake-Resistant

When a building is hit by an earthquake, the weight of a building is exerted on its structure, and heavy building materials actually work against themselves. This means that heavy building materials like concrete would not hold up against an earthquake.

Because earthquakes are common in California, you need to use a building material that can withstand these natural disasters. Steel construction is lighter in weight than concrete, meaning it has a better chance of withstanding earthquakes.

Also, steel is a ductile material which means it will bend before it breaks. In smaller seismic events, steel buildings are more likely to snap back before they crack. This means that steel is the best type of building material to use in places like California that experience frequent earthquakes.

4. Sustainability

When you think of creating a sustainable building, you probably imagine using timber. However, a large percentage of modern steel is actually recycled, and the steel you use for your building can be reused over and over again.

Steel is not only an incredibly sustainable material to use but it is also easier to transport because it does not weigh as much as other materials. This reduces the carbon footprint of your construction project, allowing you to be environmentally friendly on all fronts.

5. Low Maintenance

Pre-engineered steel buildings are very low maintenance. The type of sheeting that is used for the siding and roofing of steel buildings rarely needs to be repainted. Additionally, you will not have to replace or repair sections of your building, as steel does not warp, split, twist, decay, or shrink.

Even better, steel buildings pose virtually no risk of damage due to pests. While wood buildings commonly face issues due to rodents, termites, or other insects, steel buildings do not face these issues. This will save you time and money in the long run, making a steel building a safe investment.

Reliable Steel Buildings for Sale in California

If you need a durable, reliable building for personal, commercial, or agricultural needs in California, choosing steel instead of wood or concrete is the best decision you can make. Steel buildings are fire-resistant, can withstand earthquakes, are extremely energy efficient, and require very little maintenance.

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