Why Pre-Engineered Steel Buildings are the Go-To Choice for Pickleball Courts

Pickleball is all the rage right now, and indoor and outdoor pickleball courts are popping up in cities across the United States with impressive speed. Pickleball is a combination of tennis, ping-pong, and badminton and is played on a badminton-sized court with a net in the center.

Pickleball has become so popular that the Sports & Fitness Industry Association claims it is the fastest-growing sport in America right now, attracting more than 4.8 million players nationwide. With an increased demand for indoor pickleball courts, pickle ballers are looking for the most affordable, reliable, and practical buildings available.

Pre-engineered steel buildings make the perfect indoor pickleball court for a variety of reasons, including the fact that they feature a clear-span design, have endless customization options, and are fast and easy to install. Whether you’re looking for a personal or commercial indoor pickleball court, Titan Steel Structures has you covered.

Reasons Why Pickleballers are Choosing Steel Buildings

Titan Steel Structures is a leading provider in the steel building industry and provides cost-effective solutions for covered, indoor pickleball court buildings. But why should you choose a steel building over another building type?

A Clear-Span Design is Practical

Steel buildings are engineered using tapered I-beams that create a durable, reliable structure. The strength of steel combined with this design eliminates the need for trusses or interior support columns, resulting in a clear-span design and maximum usable space.

A clear-span design is essential for most indoor sports arenas because players must be able to move around freely without obstruction. It is also easier to arrange pickleball courts to your liking when you aren’t limited by support columns.

Steel Buildings are Versatile, Allowing You to Design it Your Way

Your pickleball court must be practical on the inside and eye-catching from the outside, and steel buildings give you the opportunity to use custom, turnkey designs to get players’ attention.

Not only can you choose the color of the walls and trim, but you can also add windows for natural lighting, ventilation and/or insulation to reduce utility costs, and you’re able to install whichever court surface you choose. You will also find it easy to install your custom logo and business name on the outside.

The pre-engineered steel buildings at Titan Steel Structures can be completely customized to meet your requirements so you can achieve your ideal pickleball court building.

Fast Installation: Get Your Pickleball Business Up and Running

Being the fastest-growing sport in America, there is a lot of competition in the pickleball business right now. That means you need to get your court up and running before the next person comes in with the same idea.

While wood or brick-and-mortar structures can take months to complete, a pre-engineered steel building can be erected in a matter of days, depending on the building’s size. The faster your building is erected, the sooner you can get to playing.

Additional Benefits

Other reasons why pickle ballers have faith in pre-engineered steel buildings include:

  • Year-round weather protection – While outdoor pickleball courts are an option, they won’t get very much action during the cold seasons or rainy days. Plus, steel buildings provide some of the best protection from inclement weather, allowing you to keep your courts open 365 days a year.
  • Low maintenance – Steel buildings require a lot less maintenance than brick-and-mortar or wood buildings do. Steel framing delivers trusty durability over time, so the maintenance that you will need won’t be too costly.
  • Energy-efficient – Between having to provide adequate lighting and keeping the inside cool, your utility costs can be extremely high. Steel buildings have numerous insulation options that can minimize heat transfer and reduce your utility costs.
  • Moisture control – Unlike wood structures, steel structures won’t rot or warp due to moisture. You can also control condensation easily by installing the right ventilation. This can also reduce your maintenance costs over time.

How Much Does a Steel Pickleball Court Cost?

As with all prefab steel sports arenas, there are several variables that affect the cost of your steel pickleball court, such as:

  • Building size – the standard pickleball court is 30 by 60 feet, so your building will need to be somewhat larger than that if you want a single court. Buildings that will have multiple playing courts inside will need to be larger and, therefore, more expensive.
  • Location, geography, building codes, and zoning requirements
  • Customizations and accessories
  • Delivery and erection costs
  • Costs associated with your building’s interior such as the material for the court’s surface and netting

Typically, steel buildings are priced by square feet. In 2022, the cost of a steel building per square foot was $25-30. This cost estimate does not include the cost of customizations, construction, or a foundation. The cost of steel fluctuates, so you should consult with your building manufacturer for the most accurate pricing.

Pre-Engineered Steel Pickleball Court Buildings by Titan Steel Structures

Titan Steel Structures has provided reliable solutions to athletes for several years by helping them obtain the steel sports building of their dreams. Our robust, clear-span steel structures allow you to host numerous sporting events in a single space at the same time.

From the moment you call to the time your building is installed, our team of highly skilled building professionals will work with you each step of the way. Our prefabricated steel pickleball buildings are the affordable, scalable solution you need. Call us today to get a free quote.

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