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5 Advantages of Choosing Steel for an Indoor Basketball Court

Whether you want to build an indoor basketball court for your home or your business, there are a few things you have to consider. One of the most important choices you will make is the type of material you use for the building. While it’s possible to use a wood...

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What are the Most Popular Steel Building Sizes?

Steel building kits are becoming increasingly popular for a wide variety of uses. From warehouses and personal workshops to art studios and even homes, you can use a steel building kit for any new project your heart desires. The reason people are switching to steel is that this material is...

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Why are Metal Buildings so Popular for Agricultural and Commercial Purposes in North Carolina?

North Carolina has an incredibly large agricultural industry, as it has provided the state with $92.9 billion. This state is also the lead producer of sweet potatoes and tobacco, two staples in the United States. Because the agricultural business in North Carolina is so large, farmers and factory owners must...

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5 Benefits of Using Pre-Engineered Steel Buildings for Gyms and Fitness Centers

As more and more people have begun to focus on health and wellness, the demand for fitness centers and gyms has exploded. The gym industry is enormous, with commercial gyms pulling in about $35 billion in 2019 and growing steadily ever since. People want a place to work out, whether...

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Why Texas Bitcoin Mining Operations Rely on Pre-Engineered Steel Buildings

Since data mining and blockchain technology require advanced computers that use a substantial amount of energy, data mining centers often face high energy costs. Because electricity costs are a significant concern for crypto mining centers, those operating these facilities look for places with affordable energy. Compared to the rest of...

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