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How Much Does a 60×100 Metal Building Cost?

Traditionally, wood has been the primary material used to create new buildings. While wood buildings have their perks, there are a lot of downsides to using this type of material. For example, when you have a wooden building, you must worry about mold, mildew, and termite infestations. Because of the...

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What Types of Cranes Can a Pre-Engineered Steel Building Accommodate?

Cranes are an essential tool used by most manufacturing plants and other industrial buildings. Utilizing cranes allows for easy transportation of large, heavy, or irregular items from one area of a building to another. They provide an economical alternative to additional manpower or more labor-intensive, equipment-heavy ways to transport goods,...

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Steel Building Components: Understanding What Makes Steel Buildings So Reliable

As steel buildings become more popular for a variety of uses, more people are becoming familiar with the benefits of choosing this reliable, versatile building type. While you may know that steel buildings are durable and can withstand just about anything Mother Nature can throw at it, do you know...

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8 Best Ways to Ventilate a Steel Building

The type of ventilation you choose for your steel building depends on various factors, including the climate, your building’s end-use, and its contents. Before planning and construction, you must understand your steel building ventilation options and choose the one that makes sense for your unique project. Whatever your specifications, the...

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Why You Should Consider a Metal Building for Vehicle Storage

Storing vehicles of all types can come with problems. You need to find a cost-effective structure that can withstand the elements to provide protection to your investments. Choosing a metal building for vehicle storage may be the solution you’re looking for. Metal buildings have been steadily gaining popularity because of...

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