Can I Put Windows and Doors on My Prefab Steel Building?

Steel buildings offer unparalleled versatility and durability. But did you know that prefab steel building kits are also highly customizable? Keep reading to learn more about how to customize a prefab steel building kit with the doors and windows you need to make your building meet your needs.

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The Benefits of Prefab Steel Buildings

Prefabricated steel building kits are ideal for many commercial, industrial, and personal uses. They offer a durable, customizable way to get the best bang for your buck. Whether you need retail space, warehouses, office buildings, gymnasiums, or more, you will find the customizable prefab steel building kit to get the job done.

Steel buildings are, of course, constructed from one of the building materials available– steel. Steel is a naturally fire-resistant material that can also stand up to water, moisture, wind, and wear and tear better than any other traditional construction material.

Prefabricated steel building kits arrive at the job site pre-cut and pre-drilled, meaning they are easy to assemble. You’ll need a smaller crew and less time to build a large steel building, saving you time and money.

Prefab steel building kits are also customizable, meaning that you can add the features you need to maximize the usability of your building. The result? A building you’ll love to use for decades to come.

Can I Add Windows and Doors to My Prefab Steel Building?

Prefab steel building kids are highly customizable, meaning that you can add the features and specifications you need to make the building fully functional and comfortable for its purpose. Adding windows and doors to your steel building is one of the best things you can do to enhance your building’s quality and utility.

Doors offer convenient ways to move people and goods in and out of the steel building. You can customize the size of the door you need. This means whether you have a steady flow of customers or you need to move large equipment in and out of the building, you will find the door you need to get the job done.

Adding windows can enhance the interior of your building by allowing natural light to filter in. While windows can enhance the aesthetic appeal of your building and make the interior more appealing, they can also provide heat and allow for better ventilation. These features improve the energy efficiency of your steel building and can save money on energy costs down the road.

Things to Consider When Adding Windows and Doors to a Prefab Steel Building

Installing windows and doors in your metal building is possible– but it requires some planning. The type of doors and windows you want and where you put them are important. Here are some things to consider when adding windows and doors to a prefab steel building.


Extra planning pays off when adding windows and doors to a prefab steel building. It’s important to consider what you will be using your building for and how doors and windows can be most effectively utilized in your space. For example, if you plan to have an office space with additional storage, you may want to have windows that are easy to open and operate in this space where people will be. Speak to a contractor about what windows work best with your building’s frame and siding.


In most cases, you will be restricted on where you can put your windows and how many windows you can add. This is because steel is stronger than windows, and adding too many windows could threaten the Integrity of your building. You may be unable to add windows or doors to places with support columns or bracing for the same reason. An experienced contractor can help you decide on the placement of doors and windows.


Deciding which type of doors and windows you want and where to place them is essential, and working with a contractor before construction can save you a lot of time, stress, and money as you build. Work with an experienced contractor who can safely add windows and doors to a prefab steel building.

What Types of Doors Can I Add to a Steel Building?

Many types of doors can be added to a steel building. Steel doors with steel frames provide durability, sound dampening, fire resistance, and strength. Once you decide which type of door you need, you can work With your contractor to add these details to your engineering plan.

Several types of doors can be added to a prefab steel building. These include:

  •  Overhead garage doors
  •  Overhead roll-up doors
  •  Bifold and stacking doors
  •  Hydraulic doors
  •  Sliding doors
  •  Vertical lift doors
  •  Folding fabric doors
  •  Walk doors

Overhead doors are the most popular option for steel-framed prefab buildings, but the type of door you choose will depend on what you will use your building for. If you are unsure about the best option for adding doors to a prefab steel building, work with an experienced contractor like the ones you will find at Titan Steel Structures.

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