40x54x16 Steel Shop/RV Storage in North Carolina

40x54x16 Steel Shop/RV Storage in North Carolina

By far one of the most popular uses for our pre-engineered steel buildings is for dual workshops and RV storage. Steel buildings are built using robust, reliable materials that do not waiver over time. They can withstand various weather threats, require very little maintenance, and feature a clear-span design that allows customers to design the interior however they like.

Customizable Steel Shops and RV Storage Buildings in North Carolina

A key reason why North Carolina residents choose prefab steel buildings for residential workshops and RV storage is that they are completely customizable. Whether you want something that can match existing structures on your property or match the aesthetic of the landscape, we have options suitable to your needs.

Our customer’s 40x54x16 steel stop/RV storage building in North Carolina is large enough to store up to two RVs, maintenance equipment, spare tires, tools, and more. It also offers plenty of workspace for RV maintenance as well as other tasks.

This customer chose Country Red wall panels and Ash Gray trim for a classic, countryside look. They also opted for a lean-to for convenient outdoor storage and two large roll-up garage doors to easily maneuver their RVs in or out of the structure.

Steel Workshops Engineered According to North Carolina Building Codes

All of our pre-engineered steel buildings are manufactured according to state and local building codes. They also come stamped and sealed with engineering blueprints signed by an engineer in your state. This steel workshop/RV storage building in North Carolina was engineered according to NCBC-2018 which calls for 25 lb psf snow load capacity and 115 mph wind capacity.

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