164x259x27 Steel Manufacturing Facility in North Carolina

164x259x27 Steel Manufacturing Facility in North Carolina

Steel buildings are often used for manufacturing endeavors because of their versatility, strength, and clear-span design. Our steel buildings can be engineered to accommodate heavy lifting, bridge cranes, and other components that are essential for a functional manufacturing plant.

View the gallery below to check out one of our recent manufacturing facility projects: a 164x259x27 Steel Manufacturing Facility in North Carolina used for manufacturing airplane hangar doors.

Used for Manufacturing Airplane Hangar Doors

Not only do our prefabricated steel buildings make excellent aircraft hangars, but they also make ideal manufacturing facilities for aircraft hangar components. For example, this 164x259x27 steel building in North Carolina was designed to be a manufacturing facility for airplane hangar doors. The customer chose Charcoal Gray walls with matching Charcoal Gray trim.

The expansive design gives the customer room for multiple bays and the ability to work on several airplane hangar doors at once. Convenient doors allow for easy entry, and large glass windows give this manufacturing facility an attractive, modern look.

Steel Manufacturing Facilities Engineered for North Carolina Building Codes

Large manufacturing plants must be engineered according to state and local building codes so they can accommodate expected snow loads and wind speeds. This 164x259x27 steel manufacturing facility in North Carolina was engineered according to IBC-2021 which calls for a 12 lb PSF snow load and the ability to withstand 115 mph wind speeds.

The integrity of your building is important to us, so all of our North Carolina steel buildings at Titan Steel Structures come stamped and sealed with engineering blueprints signed by a licensed engineer in the state.

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