What Materials are Best for Building?

Wondering what material is better to build with?

Do you want to know what materials will work perfectly to build a distribution center? Whether your distribution center will store a considerable cache or toys or requires extreme measures of organization within its walls, there are a few materials from which you can choose to build the best possible building. We’ve tested several alternatives over the years, and finally, the results are in…Steel is the winner!

An Unbiased Look at Building Material Costs…

Steel Keeps Costs Low

In the US, steel happens to be one of the most readily available materials because it’s prime base is made from iron which happens to be the second most abundant mineral on earth. Steel is also easy to repurpose; it is estimated that up to 60% percent of high-quality red-iron I-beams are made from recycled steel, which makes them incredibly strong and affordable. Not to mention the fact that the price of steel is at an all-time low, it is the lowest in 15 years so now is the time to build.

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Speed Though Building Construction

Do you need some space to store all those goods ASAP? Then a steel construction may be your only option as it takes the least time to build. Projects can take as little as a few days to complete, which means that you suffer from little to no downtime, and there is no loss of productivity. Plus, you’ll save in the way of labor costs because it only takes a few people to erect a steel structure. 

The Least Labor Intensive to Build

In the construction industry, labor costs are a major factor, and that’s where steel wins again. Not only do you need fewer people to complete the warehouse building, but it’s done within a shorter time too. Plus the building is cheaper since the entire structure is designed and built off-site by the supplier and the labor just installs everything onsite. So, they don’t pose the same risk as regular construction, and there is a significant insurance saving too because of lower liabilities. 

Easy to Modify

The quickly changing marketplace could mean that you need to add an extension to your warehouse ASAP or even a few years down the line. Here too, steel buildings win because they are easier to modify and expand. You don’t need to demolish the entire structure like you would with brick and wood. Plus the changes are more affordable, costing less than 3x times compared to regular building materials. 

Maximize Your Use of the Space

Owing to the fast nature of steel construction projects, they can be completed within inclement weather. So, you have room for various mitigating factors like making up for an oddly shaped piece of land. Not to mention that since most steel buildings don’t require as many pillars, the amount of space that’s usable is much more compared to brick and wood buildings.  


If you are in the market for an affordable, durable and low maintenance warehouse building, then you can’t go wrong with prefabricated steel buildings. We can also help you choose the right size, shape, and type of building, depending on your requirements.

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