What is the Lifespan of a Pre-Engineered Steel Building?

Steel buildings resist many of the problems that plague wood and concrete construction, allowing them to maintain their strength and integrity for a very long time.

But just how long can a pre-engineered steel building last? The long lifespan of a steel building makes it the ideal choice for many personal, commercial, and industrial needs.

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What is the Lifespan of a Pre-Engineered Steel Building?

Steel is one of the strongest, most durable construction materials available, and a steel building can last for as long as the owner continues to maintain it. Steel buildings are easy to maintain and aren’t vulnerable to many of the problems that concrete and wood buildings face over time.

The steel framing system utilized in a pre-engineered steel building allows you to customize and adapt your structure easily. Your steel building can be restructured as your business grows, altered for a new purpose, or expanded in all directions to provide additional, usable space.

When you consider the long lifetime of a steel building, thinking about ongoing maintenance is essential. Because steel buildings resist mold, water damage, pests, fires, and damage from severe weather conditions, you’ll spend less time and money on costly repairs for as long as you own it. Steel buildings are also eco-friendly because steel is endlessly recyclable and typically uses less energy than other types of construction.

Choosing a pre-engineered steel building means you’ll have a durable, adaptable structure for life. You’ll reduce your impact on the environment, preserve resources, and spend less time and money maintaining it.

Why Are Steel Buildings So Durable?

Steel is a resilient, tough material that can be used in nearly every element of a pre-engineered steel building. Using steel throughout the entire building allows you to eliminate the need for weaker, more vulnerable materials and ensures your investment will last for decades.

Here are some of the elements that make steel buildings’ lifespan so long.

Resists corrosion

Elements of a prefabricated steel building are coated in a corrosion-resistant barrier coating that prevents direct contact with oxygen and water. These elements have the power to cause significant damage to wood and concrete buildings, resulting in costly repairs.

Corrosion detracts from a building’s integrity and makes it more vulnerable to wind, earthquakes, and other destructive forces. The careful construction and corrosion-resistant coating ensure your steel building will stand strong for a lifetime.

Tensile strength

Tensile strength refers to a material’s ability to stretch without fracturing, and it’s essential to the overall durability of a building. Steel’s excellent tensile strength allows it to withstand jolting from powerful winds or seismic forces.

Concrete and wood buildings are often reinforced with steel to improve tensile strength, but these materials alone often fail to hold up to the elements. Because a pre-engineered steel building is made entirely from steel, the entire structure’s tensile strength is unparalleled.


Excess moisture, condensation, and flooding are destructive to wood and concrete buildings. Water can cause corrosion, mold, and structural damage that threatens the integrity of the entire building. Poor construction practices, age, and damage can allow moisture into the walls, creating severe damage in very little time.

A pre-engineered steel building easily resists water damage, corrosion, condensation, and other water-related problems.

Resists pests

Termites can destroy a building from the inside out faster than you think. By the time you notice a problem, these pests have likely done some severe damage to your walls. Getting rid of them and repairing the damage can be time-consuming and expensive.

One of the most significant benefits of choosing a steel building is not having to worry about termites. Because no wood is involved in a pre-engineered steel building, you can rest easy knowing termites will never make their home in your walls.


A fire can quickly destroy everything inside a structure and threaten the lives of people working or living there. Wood buildings are especially vulnerable to the effects of fire, causing flames to grow and spread quickly.

Steel buildings resist fire and slow the progression, allowing people more time to evacuate and emergency services to arrive. Steel buildings are so effective at resisting fire that they are often less expensive to insure.

The properties of steel and the way steel buildings are constructed mean that your structure will last as long as you want it to with less maintenance and worry than other types of construction.

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