How Much Will I Spend on a 40×80 Metal Building?

Metal buildings are extremely durable, versatile, and highly customizable, and due to their numerous benefits, many people are opting to use them instead of traditional building materials.

You can use a metal building for just about any purpose, from agricultural ventures like housing livestock or growing crops to commercial uses like manufacturing workshops and restaurants or retail stores. Many people also choose metal buildings for tiny homes, barndominiums, or workshops and storage sheds on their residential properties.

One of the most popular dimensions for metal buildings is 40×80. This dimension offers you 3,200 square feet of unobstructed space, perfect for storage rooms, offices, or even small agricultural buildings.

If you are interested in a 40×80 metal building, you might be wondering how much they cost. With no customizations or frills, the cost of a 40×80 building starts at $80,000. While this can be a steep investment, choosing a metal building will save you money in construction costs, insurance premiums, energy bills, and yearly maintenance.

How Can You Use a 40×80 Metal Building?

At Titan Steel Structures, one of our most popular dimensions is 40×80. These prefabricated metal buildings are extremely versatile, offering the space you need for just about any project you can dream of. People use our 40×80 metal buildings for residential, commercial, and agricultural purposes, making it one of the best dimensions to choose from.

The common ways our clients use 40×80 metal buildings include:

  • Small greenhouses
  • Agricultural storage rooms for equipment or feed
  • Indoor equestrian riding arenas
  • Living quarters for livestock with individual bays
  • Auto repair shops and vehicle storage facilities
  • Car washes
  • Restaurants and retail stores
  • Office spaces
  • Breweries, wineries, and distilleries
  • Gyms and fitness centers
  • Church and worship buildings
  • Small manufacturing warehouses
  • And more!

Titan Steel Structures offers 40×80 metal buildings that do not require large interior support beams. This means the interior of your building will have unobstructed space and open floor plans. Whether you need open space or want to build separate bays for auto shops or multiple offices, a 40×80 metal building is the perfect choice for you.

How Much Does a 40×80 Metal Building Cost?

While choosing a metal building will save you money down the line, getting an accurate estimate is crucial to the planning process.

Many factors play a role in how much a 40×80 metal building costs, however, the main thing to consider is the cost of metal.

The market price of metal fluctuates depending on the time of year and how much metal production is happening. Currently, the price sits between $25 to $35 per square foot. This means the base price of your 40×80 metal building will start at $80,000.

What Factors Influence the Cost of a 40×80 Metal Building?

While the cost of a 40×80 metal building starts at $80,000, some factors could play a role in the total price you are looking at. Being aware of these factors can help you plan your finances accordingly.

The factors that influence how much you will spend on a 40×80 metal building include:

Market Prices of Metal

The market price of metal plays a huge role in how much you will spend on a 40×80 metal building. During certain times of the year, metal is produced more frequently, so if you plan the construction of your building right, you could lower the overall cost. However, it also means the price could increase during times of the year when production is slower.

Construction Costs

Another thing to consider is the price of labor. Typically, construction costs associated with erecting a 40×80 metal building are lower than other types of building materials because they arrive at the site prefabricated.

Construction costs are lower when you choose a metal building because:

  • Less equipment is needed
  • Construction time is shorter
  • A smaller construction crew is necessary
  • Materials are less expensive

However, it is important to factor in other construction costs like grading and leveling the land, creating a foundation, obtaining permits, and more.

Customizations and Add-Ons

When you are creating your own building, you will probably have some customizations in mind. When picking the customizations and add-ons for your 40×80 metal building, it is important to remember that they will increase the overall cost.

Common customizations that can influence how much you spend on a 40×80 metal building include:

  • Doors and windows
  • Skylights
  • Ventilation and HVAC systems
  • The type of insulation you choose
  • Interior and exterior finishes

Location and Building Codes

Lastly, the location of your building can affect the overall cost. Any building project requires you to consider environmental factors like topography and weather.

For example, if you are building on mountainous land, you might require specialized foundations. Additionally, if you live in an area of the country that experiences frequent natural disasters like wildfires, hurricanes, or earthquakes, you might need customizations to improve the durability of your 40×80 metal building.

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