Using Solar Panels on Your Pre-Engineered Steel Building

Solar and Prefabricated Buildings Equal Savings

When solar panels and solar power technology was first introduced to U.S. markets one of the major complaints that people had was that they were not efficient enough to recuperate their investment in a timely manner. People felt that the savings that they would get from putting solar panels on their workplace or on their homes was not sufficient and so many people avoided their usage. This however has changed. And as solar panel systems have become more efficient in producing energy, a larger portion of the population has begun to use solar power within their day to day life. In fact it is estimated that this year a new solar panel system, or solar PV, was installed every 4 minutes in the United States. 

How Much Can I Expect to Save From Using Solar Panels

The answer to this question can vary dramatically, depending on where you live. If you live in Miami you can expect a monthly savings of roughly $73 if you use solar. But this number can go up. Especially if you are using a grid connected solar system. As excess electricity will be put back into the power grid, thereby further reducing your costs. If you live in Los Angeles you can expect to save around $128 a month. And over the span of 20 years you can expect to save around $40,000. Which is almost 3 times what the cost of your installation could be.

Even though the savings can be dramatic if you chose to use solar, there are still individuals, especially in the industrial field, who are weary of implementing this power source into their steel building or metal building. The reason being is that they are afraid that solar is not going to be sufficient to power their equipment. Or they are afraid that if the solar energy breaks down that they will be unable to do their work.    

Why People Are Turning to Solar Power for Prefab Metal Buildings

One of the main reasons why individuals are beginning to use solar panels in conjunction with their metal building kits is because of the cost savings that they are able to see. For starters when choosing to use metal buildings kits or prefab metal structures, you are already ahead of the game in terms of cost of construction. And when installing solar you are simply adding to that cost savings over the long run. Not to mention that due to the way that metal building kits are designed and constructed, it is very easy to implement solar panels into the initial design. Or even add them after a structure has already been built.

In certain cases individuals will need to install their metal building kits in a place where they may not be able to easily access the electrical grid. This is not always the case, or even a fairly common case, but when using solar power, it is possible to put your prefab building anywhere you’d like.

Considering that the average solar panel system costs anywhere from $25,000 to $35,000. And you can possible get up to 50% of the money back as an incentive from the state or local government, it makes sense to why so many people are using solar with their metal building kits. They are able to see that not only are they helping the environment, which is important to many individuals, but also they are able to save themselves and their business money in the long run. 

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