How Much Does a 40×60 Steel Building Cost?

A 40×60 steel building can be used for various personal, commercial, and agricultural needs. Steel is one of the most durable materials on the planet, but that also means it can be pricey. However, despite the costs, steel buildings tend to last longer than other building materials, making steel one of the most cost-effective building materials there is.

So, exactly how much does a 40×60 steel building cost? And how do customizations and specifications affect that cost?

Why Should You Choose a 40×60 Steel Building?

One of our most popular building sizes at Titan Steel is 40×60. 40×60 steel buildings provide 2,4000 square feet of usable space, making them ideal for storage, auto shops, farms, equestrian needs, and much more.

This building size is affordable and compact, but also big enough so you can have several bays to work on cars or divide up into office space. You can even customize your steel building with living quarters for livestock or residential use.

Some of the most impressive benefits of a 40×60 steel building include:

  • Strong and durable
  • Lightweight
  • Pest resistant
  • Moisture resistant
  • Superior, versatile designs
  • Adaptable layout
  • Environmentally friendly

40×60 steel building kits are also a very affordable option and a great long-term investment.

Understanding the Cost of a 40×60 Steel Building

If you are looking into buying a 40×60 steel building, one of your most pertinent questions is probably, how much will it cost? It is important that you get an accurate steel building price quote so you know how much of a loan to take out of what type of investment you are looking at.

Steel buildings are priced by square feet. In 2022, the cost of steel per square foot ranges from $25-30 per square foot for non-complex designs.

Since a 40×60 steel building has a total of 2,400 sq ft, the price of your building kit can range from $60,000-72,000. This price includes the kit’s building materials, not the foundation, construction, or customizations.

Customizations and accessories including light transmitting panels, framing, vents, doors, windows, insulation, sealants, exterior finish, and bracing may cost more, affecting the price of your 40×60 steel building. Additional costs may also apply to premium exterior paint colors.

The more customizations, accessories, and specifications your building has, the higher the price tag will be.

While the upfront sticker price may shock you, steel buildings actually last longer and require less maintenance than wood buildings, making steel a better long-term investment. A steel building is less likely to experience rot, warping, or pest issues. It is also more likely to withstand fire, water, and natural disaster. Less maintenance and upkeep will save you money down the line.

Additional Costs Associated with a 40×60 Steel Building Kit

Standard 40×60 steel building kits start at $60,000, but specific customizations and accessories may affect the starting price. However, you may have additional costs associated with your steel building.

Additional costs to consider include:

  • Foundation
  • Delivery
  • Erection
  • Geography

There may also be a variation in price due to the engineering requirements your building needs to meet your local wind, snow, and climate code standards. For example, if your building is going to be located in an area that experiences a lot of high winds or heavy snow, your structure may require heavier supports or thicker materials than a standard building does.

The best way to get a realistic quote for the 40×60 steel building you desire is to consult with a team member at Titan Steel.

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Titan Steel Structures is a leader in steel building kits, offering several different popular building sizes. We have some sizes in stock that are already built and ready to be shipped directly to your property from the factory. Whether you need something this month or a year down the line, we can help meet your needs. Please give us a call or submit your information on one of our forms to get an instant price quote on prefabricated 40×60 metal buildings today.

*Prices reflected here are based on the current price of steel. The price of steel is subject to change at any time and fluctuates throughout the seasons.

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