Steel Residential Buildings

Titan Steel prepares and provides pre-engineered steel residential buildings for homeowners who are looking for expansions or additions at a fraction of the cost of the traditional methods. Not only do the steel frame homes save money at the time of purchase and during long term, they are also scalable, and you can remodel your house’s structure whenever you need to.

We have the perfect blend of resources, skills and experience to complete the fabrication off-site and deliver you a premium quality structure that can be set up with ease.

Why Our Prefabricated Residential Buildings?

Compared with homes made with brick-and-mortar, blocks, wood, mud etc., metal residential building usurps greater authority. This is so regarding the high-tensile strength and durability which steel has in comparison with other building materials.

When it comes to maintenance, our steel residential buildings have the least maintenance costs. As such, you are guaranteed less spend on maintenance while you attend to other essentials in your new home.

steel residential buildings

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You should come to us at Titan Steel Structures to take advantage of our prefabricated metal residential building technology which is based in the modular construction framework. This is a new, cutting-edge approach towards the efficiency and precision of remote fabrication as well as on-site steel residential building installations or constructions. With this, you are sure of getting your residential building completed in ample time, meeting all prefabricated requirements.

Our goal at Titan Steel Structures is to ensure that more people get flexible and multipurpose steel residential buildings at the most affordable costs, nationwide. This should serve as nice alternatives to other non-cost-effective residential buildings.

While doing so, we ensure that your comfort, style, and safety is not bridged in any way. What you should expect from us at Titan Steel Structures is nothing short of the best constructed and delivered prefabricated steel residential building which blends beautifully with the neighborhood.

Titan Steel Structures is out to help you realize your dream home in no time.

About Our Residential Building Kits

At Titan Steel Structures, we offer a wide array of prefabricated residential buildings tailor-cut to meet all residential housing needs and budgets. This is hinged on our expertise in residential steel buildings designs and construction experiences of many years. Irrespective of the magnitude of the residential building, we’ve got you covered. With us, you will save more money and spend less time while we speed up construction of your residential building kit.

We are talking about fully customizable residential building kits fitted with necessary modern components like doors and windows, ceiling lights, insulation etc. This is positioned to provide you with that artistic feel and look befitting of a modern steel-made residential building.

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As a leading construction firm for residential buildings, TitanSteelStructures can help turn your dream residential building into a reality in no time. We guarantee that you will save money and time associated with conventional building efforts which are not even as cost-effective as those made of steel.

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