60x60x18 Metal Motorcycle Shop and Business Storage Building in Texas

60x60x18 Metal Motorcycle Shop and Business Storage Building in Texas

Metal buildings are perfect for automotive repair and storage. Our customer in Texas needed a prefab metal building designed for both business storage and motorcycle repair. We provided the customer with a 60x60x18 metal building with Lightstone-colored walls and Lightstone colored trim, for a quaint, classical look that matches his surrounding structures.

This motorcycle shop and storage building features a wide open clear-span design, allowing the customer to arrange his motorcycles in the exact way that he desires. He is able to use the large, 3,600 sq ft multifunctional space without restriction from columns or trusses because red iron I-beam supports provide the structure with durable framing, eliminating the need for interior support columns.

The spacious business storage/motorcycle shop is complete with an 18’ eave height, giving the customer plenty of vertical space for his equipment, motorcycle repair, and storage needs.

Metal Motorcycle Shop and Business Storage Building Built to Texas Code

This metal building protects our customer’s most prized possessions as well as his business assets, so it’s essential that the structure can withstand violent Texas thunderstorms. The structure was engineered in compliance with Texas building code IBC-2015, so it can withstand 115 mph wind gusts and is rated 5 PSF snow load.

All metal buildings at Titan Steel Structures are engineered to meet all the codes and loads required by the city and county in which the building will reside. Each of our buildings comes stamped and sealed with engineering blueprints from a licensed engineer in your state.

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