48x62x14 Metal Office Building In South Carolina

48x62 Prefab Office Building In South Carolina

Our buildings, because of their versatility, are being utilized for various training centers and office facilities. This customer needed a space to teach and instruct his new/current employees, hold seminars, and educate them on company policies.

With our pre-engineered steel buildings and their clear span interior our customer was able to design their office and training facility to best suit their needs. It was made into a fully functional space where all the attention is focused on the center of the building.

Metal Office Building Plans In South Carolina

With little need for anything exterior our customer decided to place a walk door on each side of his building to allow for easy entrance and exit. They also decided to go with a 24-gauge standing seam roof  to compensate for the heavy storm summer months and for an easier fit for his high R value of insulation.

Increasing the collateral load for this project was particularly important to allocate for the lighting, sound, and HVAC system. When designing a professional office it is important to relay any and all information involved in the end result of what the building will be utilized for that way your building can be engineered and secure for years to come.

Commercial Prefab Buildings Suited for Codes and Loads

This building was engineered to meet South Carolina building codes according to the IBC-15 requirements, which call for a 10 lb psf snow load and a 135 mph wind load. Our customer went with R39 roof insulation and R19 wall insulation to accommodate for the weather extremes in the winter and summer

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