40x64x16 Metal Shop With Living Quarters in North Carolina

40x64x16 Metal Shop With Living Quarters in North Carolina

Multi-purpose buildings have become increasingly popular throughout the years. Prefab metal buildings make the perfect workshops with living quarters. Trusty materials, a clear-span design, and customization options allow customers to design their structure exactly to their liking–both inside and out.

We helped our customer in North Carolina design a 40x64x16 metal shop with living quarters. The building has a 3/12 pitch and the customer opted for Charcoal Gray walls and matching Charcoal Gray trim. The customer added two large garage doors on one side of the building, allowing them to store vehicles and other equipment in the workshop as well as a pedestrian door near the living space. The workshop with living quarters is complete with several large windows for viewing and natural light.

Dependable Metal Buildings With Living Quarters in North Carolina

It is always important that your metal workshop is sturdy, durable, and high-quality, but these characteristics are especially crucial when your structure has living quarters. At Titan Steel Structures, we take pride in the reliability and integrity of our prefab metal buildings. Our metal buildings make the perfect workshops with living quarters because they are long-lasting, pest-resistant, and guaranteed to protect your valuable belongings inside.

Metal Buildings Manufactured According to North Carolina Building Codes

Like the rest of our reliable prefab metal buildings, this 40x64x16 metal workshop with living quarters in North Carolina is engineered according to local building codes. This building was engineered according to NCBC-2018 and is rated for a 10 lb PSF snow load and can withstand up to 150 MPH winds. All of our building projects come stamped and sealed with engineering blueprints from an engineer in your state.

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