40x64x12 Steel Barndominium in Mississippi

40x64x12 Steel Barndominium in Mississippi

As the price of housing continues to increase, people of all ages are looking for affordable, practical, and reliable homes. As a result, an increasingly popular use of our prefab steel building kits is for barndominiums.

A barndominium offers a slightly larger, more practical, and affordable alternative to a tiny home. Steel barndominium buildings are versatile and capable of being converted into fully customizable and functional living spaces. People choose steel barndominiums over other building materials because steel is durable, long-lasting, low-maintenance, and resistant to things like moisture, mildew, rust, pets, fire, and more.

Steel Barndominiums in Mississippi

Our customer in Mississippi wanted a 40x64x12 steel barndominium which was designed with Snow White walls and Black trim, gutters, and downspouts, giving it a crisp, clean look. The building’s interior features a clear-span design, allowing the customer to design and organize the home to fit any floor plan they desire without being obstructed by columns or trusses.

On the exterior, the front of the barndominium was designed with a double door in the center with two large windows on each side of the doors. Along the back, our customer has another door and smaller windows, allowing them to let in plenty of sunlight.

Steel Barndominium Buildings Engineered to Meet Mississippi Building Codes

This barndominium houses our customer, their family, and their belongings, so it must be sturdy and secure. Like all of our prefab steel buildings, this structure was engineered to comply with state and local building codes. All our buildings come with stamped and sealed engineered blueprints from a licensed engineer in your state.

This steel barndominium building in Mississippi is in compliance with IBC-2018 with a 5 lb PSF snow rating and the ability to withstand 160 MPH wind gusts. The customer will stay protected from strong Mississippi storms and tornadoes as well as the occasional snowstorm.

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