40x60x12 Shop Building in Colorado

40x60x12 Prefabricated Repair Shop in Colorado

When it comes to our steel building kits, our 40×60 steel building is our most popular and versatile size. They can be used from everything from riding arenas to workshops, which is the case with this customer. One of the factors to consider when purchasing a prefabricated steel building is the roof pitch. In areas that get a lot of snow you may want to opt far a higher pitched roof to allow for the snow to easily slide off.

In this case the customer went with a 4/12 pitch which is the highest we can do without having to special engineer the building. The roof pitch can also just be for aesthetic reasons, for instance, our metal church buildings will opt for a higher pitched roof to give the cathedral feel inside the building opposed to a flatter roof.

40x60x12 Steel Building for Outdoor Equipment Restoration

For this prefabricated steel shop building our customer went with a 6×7 opening on each side wall to give customers and employees easy access into the building. The customer is using this building to repair outdoor gear for skiers, hikers and adventurers. They wanted to have a building that not only looked great but was also functional. They put a 10×10 door on one end to allow for product deliveries and easy access to work area.

This steel workshop building is engineered for a 30 lb snow load and a 115 mph wind speed which is required by Arapahoe County, CO. To keep the temperature in the building warm during the winter months they went with a 6″ roof and wall insulation package. We recommend putting insulation in buildings where the climate can get cold and if you plan on heating the building.

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