40x60x12 Metal Garages for Classic Car Storage Buildings in Georgia

40x60x12 Residential Steel Garages for Classic Car Storage Buildings in Georgia

Our 40×60 steel building is one of our more popular classic car storage buildings. Our customers love this size because it doesn’t take up too much space on their property but gives them a lot of storage space inside the building. Prefab steel structures are becoming very popular for people looking to store their valuables like classic cars, RV’s and motorcycles.

Having a wide open space inside the building allows our customers to arrange their vehicles to best use the space without the restriction from columns or trusses. Our classic car storage buildings also offer protection from the weather and this building was ordered with our weather tight PBR panels. These panels have an inch and three quarter overlap with a sealant strip between the panels to prevent moisture from getting in.

40x60x12 Metal Garage in Georgia

Our customer went with (1) 12×10 framed opening on one end wall and (2) 12×10 framed openings on the other. This will allow him to have drive thru capabilities on his metal building. This is something we do a lot on our RV storage buildings where land restrictions allow. The building also has a 3/12 pitch that will allow for plenty of room if he ever wants to put a car lift in the building in the future. This is a very versatile size steel garage building and can accommodate several vehicles as well as equipment like tractors and landscaping equipment.

Our prefab steel buildings are engineered to meet all the codes and loads that are required by our customers city or county. This building was engineered for 115 mph wind and 5 lb snow load according to the IBC 15 guidelines. Even though it doesn’t get very cold in this part of Georgia, our customer opted for 4″ roof and wall insulation so he can work inside the building in comfort during the winter.

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