40x56x14 Steel Workshop & Garage In Virginia

40x56 Steel Workshop For Personal Use in Virginia

Virginia is becoming one of our more popular states that are in need of of our steel buildings. Customers have the need for personal garages and workshops and are using or buildings more and more. They are affordable, easy to erect and will last decades.

With our prefabricated steel buildings and their clear span interior our customer was able to design their workshop to best suit their needs. It was made into a fully functional space where they can maximize the benefits of our all open interior.

Steel Workshop Building Plans In Virginia

Our customer went with a large 14X14 garage door on the gable end for optimal use of their passageway in and out of their workshop with any heavy machinery and or large work tools along with a smaller 12X12 on the sidewall for easier access and the south end of his building.

Having over 2,000 sq ft of clear span it gives this customer an ample amount of space for storage and a separate area for a functional workshop. To give his shop some natural light and breeze customer added (3) 3’X3 windows along the side near his walk door to give that general separation between workshop and storage. The customer went with Chocolate Brown wall panels and trim for a clean and aesthetically matching look for his area in rural Virginia.

Commercial Prefab Buildings Suited for Codes and Loads

This building was engineered to meet Virginia building codes according to the IBC-15 requirements, which call for a 30 lb psf snow load and a 115 mph wind load. All of our buildings come with stamped and sealed engineered blueprints from a licensed engineer in your state.

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