40×56 RV Storage in Tennessee

40×56 RV Storage in Tennessee

A R.V. can be very costly and customers want to protect their investments more than anything with automotive shop building plans. If you are going to spend sometimes over hundreds of dollars on something, it only makes sense that you are going to make sure that it is safe and secure from all weather and sun damages. That is why our prefabricated steel buildings for RV’s and motor homes has been one of our most popular buildings.

Just as people have shops to restore and work on their automotive vehicles, there is also a need for automotive storage. In the case of this customer, they are using this building for just that, to store and preserve their RV.

Easy Access for Storage in Tennessee

With this RV Storage building plan, our customer added a 20’ x 14’ garage door and a 3’ x 7’ man door to help facilitate easy access in and out of the building. To help with moisture and heat inside the building itself, this customer also added R-13 (4”) Roof and R-10 (3”) Wall insulation. This customer wanted to also ensure proper water management and avoid any stagnate water to overflow, so they also added on our Gutters and Downspouts package to his building, which matches his wall/trim colors. If you are looking to preserve and store any vehicles from all weather conditions, this may be the perfect building for you!

This RV Storage building plans were engineered according to the requirements of IBC-2018, which includes a 10lb. psf snow load and 115-mph wind load. Our buildings are always engineered to meet all the codes and loads required by the city or county where the building is going. All customers are asked to verify codes with their local municipality as well to make sure were all in agreeance.

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