40x45x18 Steel Cold Storage Building in Rhode Island

40x45 Cold Storage Building in Rhode Island

One of the more popular uses of our building kits are for cold storage buildings. For our customers in cold weather climates it is important to be able to have a place to store equipment and have work space to get out of the elements. One of the great things about our prefab storage sheds is the ability to engineer them to meet all snow load requirements for our customers area.

The ability to have clear span square footage allows for lifts or crane systems inside the building. Also, like most of our customers the capability of having big garage doors for easy access in and out for equipment and machinery.

Prefabricated Buildings For Cold Storage and Workshops

This customer decided to go with (2) 12X12 roll up doors on the gable end and placed (2) 3×7 walk doors on the side for entrance. To allow for the evenly spaced garage doors we replaced our typical X-bracing with a non-expandable frame that gives extra support, so the building is structurally sound and looks good. He also decided to place (4) 4X3 louvers on the sidewalls of his building to allow fresh air to be ventilated through his shop. Louvers allow air into his building and at the same time keep undesirable elements like rain, dirt, and debris from being able to enter. The customer has the spacing needed to store material and components along with allotting and area for an office space if necessary.

our buildings are great for cold storage because they can be engineered for heavy snow loads in any climate

Commercial Prefab Buildings Suited for Codes and Loads

This building was engineered to comply with the IBC-2012 and RIBC-2013 building codes, with a 30 psf snow load and 144 mph wind. To compensate for the extreme weather in the winter and summer months he went with R 26 roof insulation (8”) and R 19 wall insulation (6”).

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