32x50x12 Steel Veterinary Hospital in Texas

32x50x12 Steel Veterinary Hospital in Texas

Prefab steel buildings are reliable and versatile, so people use them for various purposes. From commercial to agricultural buildings, steel buildings provide an affordable and low-maintenance solution for all needs. One way our steel buildings can be used is for veterinary hospitals.

We provided our customer in Texas with a 32x50x12 steel building for use as a veterinary hospital. The customer chose Hawaiian Blue walls with Solar White trim. The structure was engineered with a 1/12 pitch.

The building was engineered with a glass entry door, large glass windows, and a large garage door on the back side where larger animals or equipment could be brought inside. The clear-span interior allowed our customer to design the inside precisely to their liking.

Versatile Steel Veterinary Hospitals

If you own and operate a veterinary hospital, you must provide a safe and secure environment for animals and their owners. Steel buildings provide suitable and customizable arrangements that can meet the needs of all animals and veterinary medical staff.

Our pre-engineered steel veterinary hospitals offer vets, staff, patients, and their owners’ protection from high winds, lightning fire, and earthquakes. They also offer the business protection from nuisances like termites, mold, mildew, and rot.

At Titan Steel Structures, our buildings can be equipped with energy-saving climate control, providing appropriate comfort to all animals and staff and reducing energy bills during the hot Texas summers.

Steel Veterinary Hospitals Engineered According to Local and State Building Codes

When operating a veterinary hospital, your building must be able to withstand load requirements and meet local building codes. All of the buildings erected by Titan Steel Structures come stamped and sealed with blueprints signed by a licensed engineer in the state of residence.

This 32x50x12 steel veterinary hospital was manufactured according to IBC-2015 which calls for a 5 lb PSF snow load and the ability to withstand 115 MPH winds.

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