30x50x16 Fire Station Floor Plans in Virginia

Volunteer Fire Station Floor Plans in Virginia

One of our favorite uses of our pre-engineered building kits are when they are utilized to protect and serve the community. This 30’X50’ is being utilized by the Newbern Volunteer Fire Department in Virginia.

Typically with volunteer services there is a limited amount of money in the budget for fixing or replacing old buildings. That’s why our prefab fire department buildings are a great option. Not only will they cost about 50% less then traditional means of construction, they will also save valuable time in construction and availability to occupy the building.

30 by 50 Small Fire Station Floor Plans

Having a 16 ft eave height allows for a 14X14 garage door to be centered on the gabled end on the building allowing easy access for their truck to be driven in and out. Additionally, with 1,500 sq ft of clear span room to use, not only can they safely and securely store their truck, they can house all necessary equipment to continue to help serve their community to the fullest.

The customer also added the 3×7 steel personal door on the gable end to allow for easy access into the building without having to utilize the overhead door. Going with our prefab building system means the fire department will be able to house their fire truck for decades to come and protect and serve their community.

Commercial Prefab Buildings Suited for Codes and Loads

This building was designed and engineered with the IBC-2015 codes with a 25 psf snow load and 115 mph wind speed which is required by Virginia building code department. With temperatures that vary in the Virginia area during the winter and summer months they opted for the 4” woof and 3” wall insulation package to help keep it temperature controlled.

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