30x45x14 Metal Shop Building in Arizona

30x45x14 Metal Shop Building in Arizona

Our prefab metal buildings have become very popular for workshops due to their durability and versatility. Metal buildings are great for warmer areas like Arizona because they provide a safe, climate-controlled space to get work done, especially in the brutally hot summers.

We designed a 30x45x14 metal shop building for our customer in Arizona, providing him with 1,200 square feet of usable space for work projects and storage. The customer chose a clean, timeless look that captures Arizona’s natural aesthetic by deciding on Lightstone walls and matching Lightstone trim.

Prefab Metal Shop Buildings in Arizona

When designing a workshop, you want as much workable space as possible. Since prefab metal buildings all feature a clear-span layout, there are no columns or trusses inside that could get in the way of our customer’s work. This allows the customer to design and organize the interior of the building in any way they desire.

Inside, this metal shop is fully insulated to keep the hot Arizona heat out and cool air in, allowing our customers to get work done at any time of the year no matter the weather. Prefab metal buildings are also water and fire-resistant, low-maintenance, and have low insurance costs, making them a practical choice for personal and commercial workshops.

Metal Buildings that Comply with Arizona Building Codes

All of our prefab metal buildings are engineered to comply with local and state building codes. They even come stamped and sealed with engineering blueprints from a qualified engineer in your state. This particular metal shop building in Arizona was engineered to comply with IBC-2015. It has a snow rating of 0 lb PSF but can withstand 115 MPH winds.

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