25x30x12 Garage in North Carolina

25x30x12 Garage in North Carolina

If you are looking for a building that provides your versatility and functionality? Look no further! Our Titan Steel Prefab Metal Garage Buildings might be the building just for you! Providing our customers with versatility giving our customers the opportunity to design their space to best fit their needs/wants. As you can see from these pictures, our Metal Garage Buildings are a perfect addition to store and protect your vehicles/equipment from all weather conditions.

Our customer designed their Metal Garage to meet their specific needs and is even made able to be a fully functional space due to their clear span interior.

Prefab Metal Garage in North Carolina

Our customer went with a more functional design by adding a 12’x10’ garage door, which give this customer the ability to easily drive in and out of their Metal Garage. This customer also added a man door and an 8’x8’ garage door on the side of the building to give him another point of entry and allowing him to easily store equipment in his Metal Garage as well. This customer also added a R13 (4”) Roof + R10 (3”) Wall Insulation Package which will help with preventing condensation, mold, mildew, etc. Due to this Metal Garage building having clear span, this give this customer a greater amount of room for storage, or an area to be used as a functional garage space if they’d like.

Our customer went with our Titan 200 series, Rustic Red wall panels and Titan 200 series Polar White trimming giving their building a more classic, traditional, and rustic look.

Commercial Prefab Metal Garage Buildings Suited for Codes and Loads

This building was engineered to meet North Carolina building codes according to the NCBC-2018 requirements, which calls for a 10 lb. psf snow load and a 130-mph wind load. All our buildings come with stamped and sealed engineered blueprints from a licensed engineer in your state. All codes and loads are to be confirmed by our customer with their city or county in the state of which the building will be built.

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