Popular Sizes & Dimensions – 60×100 Metal Buildings

Our 60×100 metal buildings are one of our more popular size building kits. Possibilities are endless with this amount of clear span, open interior space. This is a great size for warehouse space, storage, manufacturing, large equipment, riding arenas and 60×100 metal buildings with living quarters. Our 6,000 sq. ft buildings are also quickly becoming a favorite size for semi truck garage plans. The flexibility and open design make it a great start for your growing operation and the ability to add length with our expandable end-walls will ensure that our building will grow with your business.

60x120x20 Steel Buildings Are Popular for Several Reasons…

A 60×120 steel building is also a great size for your shop with living quarters. By adding a steep pitch to your roof, it gives you the flexibility of adding a second story to the building to live in while having your shop below. Most of our customers prefer to build out the second story as a self supporting structure inside the building which gives them the flexibility to layout their 60’x120′ shop with living quarters plans to best suit their needs.

Our 60x120x20 steel buildings are popular for shops w/ living quarters

Alternatively, these structures can be used as 60×100 metal church buildings. This is a great size building for growing congregations looking to add space to worship as well as room for offices and bathrooms. Putting a high roof pitch will allow our churches to have that cathedral feel inside the building which helps with the acoustics.

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For Most Businesses 60ft. x 100ft. Metal Buildings are Very Adaptable

Our 60′ x 100′ metal buildings are a great choice for businesses that require segregated areas of operation. Typically businesses that use this size have need for the area of operation and the other for their customers. Several retailers, restaurants, florists, bakers and printing company’s leverage the added space for their customers and/or more space to grow into as well as a storage option with retail merchandise. Several opt for 60×100 metal buildings with living quarters. Their thought process is to plan for the need of additional storage space or office space and/or living quarters.

  • A 6,000 or 7,200 square foot prefabricated building is one of the more common sizes of buildings used for equipment storage, manufacturing and warehouses. 60×120 metal buildings with living quarters are also very popular with customers as well.
  • Approximately half of small warehouse businesses are using 6,000-7,200 square feet of space for their operations.
  • Several self storage facilities purchase 60×100 metal buildings to expand their operations and offer larger storage lockers.

60x100 metal building kits are one of our more popular building kit sizes due to the flexibility of use

  • Church buildings often need 6000 square foot metal buildings to fit a larger congregation of 200-300 people within their pre-engineered structure.
  • Large farms need 60×100 steel buildings with living quarters for dairy barns and equestrian buildings as well as equipment storage.
  • There are several uses for a 60 by 100 or 60x120x20 metal building, it doesn’t stop at the above mentioned reasons. If you’re looking to better understand what size you need give us a call.

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