Why Texas Bitcoin Mining Operations Rely on Pre-Engineered Steel Buildings

Since data mining and blockchain technology require advanced computers that use a substantial amount of energy, data mining centers often face high energy costs. Because electricity costs are a significant concern for crypto mining centers, those operating these facilities look for places with affordable energy.

Compared to the rest of the U.S., Texas is known for cheap wholesale electric costs. Most of the state also operates on its own independent energy grid. Many areas in Texas are affordable to live in, there are no state income taxes, and corporate tax rates are kept low. In previous years, Texas has even offered a sales tax exemption on electricity used by data centers. As a result, it is no surprise that Bitcoin and cryptocurrency mining centers are popping up across the state.

Texas has quickly become one of the leading states in Bitcoin and data mining operations, primarily due to its independent and deregulated energy grid. But when a new data mining operation gets ready to open, they need a reliable and practical building to store the computers and other expensive equipment. That’s part of why many Texas Bitcoin mining operations rely on pre-engineered steel buildings.

Steel Buildings Can Withstand Texas Storms and Protect Your Equipment at The Same Time

Bitcoin mining centers house a lot of expensive electrical equipment, so they are a major investment for the owner and investors. As a result, protecting this equipment is of the utmost importance.

One of the biggest threats facing Bitcoin mining centers in Texas is severe storms bringing torrential rain, strong winds, damaging hail, and life-threatening tornadoes. If your building gives way in the face of wind, rain, or hail, your computers can sustain water damage and end up being a total loss. Even minor leaks can be detrimental to your equipment.

Pre-engineered steel buildings in Texas can be engineered according to Texas state and local building codes. This often translates to being engineered with the ability to withstand 180+ MPH winds. Steel buildings that are manufactured correctly will be properly sealed and will not fail in the event of flash flooding or hail damage.

Clear-Span Designs are Practical for Bitcoin Mining Centers

The more computers you can have in your data center, the more Bitcoin and cryptocurrency mining you can complete, and the more profit you can turn. A practical reason why Texas Bitcoin mining operations rely on pre-engineered steel buildings is that they have a unique clear-span design. There are no columns or interior supports taking up space, so you can use every square inch of your space, setting up your computers and other equipment for maximum efficiency.

Steel Buildings Keep Texas Energy Costs Low, Allowing You to Turn a Profit

Not only does cryptocurrency mining require a lot of energy, but in warmer climates like Texas, the computers must be kept cool in order for them to operate correctly. Overheated computers can lead to substantial financial losses, so it’s important to have a way to keep them cool without expending tremendous amounts of energy.

Pre-engineered steel buildings can do both! Steel buildings can be insulated to keep the hot air out and ventilated to help hot air escape. Cooling systems can be installed inside for extra cool air near your devices. Meanwhile, your energy-efficient steel data mining center will reflect the sun’s heat and keep your cooling costs low, helping you further reduce your electric bill and your environmental footprint.

Pre-Engineered Steel Buildings Require Very Little Maintenance

With the way Bitcoin mining farms operate, performing maintenance can be difficult. If your building’s structure requires maintenance, you may have to disconnect computers, move things around, and interrupt your data mining operations. As a result, you want to choose the most low-maintenance building option possible.

The problem with Texas is that severe storms, intense heat, and dry soil leading to foundation issues all lead to wood and concrete buildings requiring a lot of upkeep–which can be expensive! If you’re operating a Bitcoin center, you want to make money–not spend it on fixing your building every few years.

Steel buildings are perfect for Bitcoin mining farms in Texas because they are extremely low maintenance and require very little upkeep. Steel doesn’t trap moisture as wood does and it doesn’t crack like concrete. Red iron steel framing is naturally durable and engineered to last your building’s lifetime.

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If you’re in the business of crypto, Texas is where you want to be, and steel is the building material in which you can place your trust.

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