Can You Live in a Metal Building? 5 Reasons People Use Metal Buildings as Homes

When you think of building a home, you probably imagine using wood framing. While wood is the most common choice for building houses historically, the cost of wood continues to rise,  causing people to consider other choices in material for their dream homes.

But what other material could you use to build a home besides wood?

Metal is quickly becoming a favorite choice for buildings, from factories and agricultural buildings to office spaces and even family homes. Metal is more durable than wood, fire-resistant, lower in cost, and easy to insulate.

If you are thinking about building a home, you may be wondering if you can live in a metal building. The answer is yes! Metal buildings with living quarters are becoming more and more popular.

Here are 5 reasons why people use metal buildings as homes.

1. Durable Housing

Metal is substantially more durable than other materials you can use to build a house, like wood. Metal homes can better withstand certain weather conditions like strong winds, heavy rain, and more. This is extremely beneficial for individuals who live in areas of the country that experience extreme weather, like hurricanes in Florida or tornadoes in the midwest.

Even further, you will not have to worry about insect or rodent infestations if you choose to build a metal home. The combination of being weather, insect, and rodent-proof will save you tons of money in repairs over the years. Additionally, because metal is so durable, you will not have to concern yourself with the routine repairs associated with wood buildings, such as fixing rotten or cracked areas in the framing of your home.

2. Non-Combustible

Another reason to choose metal buildings as homes instead of wood is the reduced risk of experiencing a devastating fire. Unlike wood, metal is not combustible. If you do experience a fire, the material of your home will not fuel it or help it spread.

While some people may argue that metal framing can become compromised during a fire, this only occurs if the temperature becomes greater than 1300 degrees Fahrenheit for more than 20 minutes. Small alterations in the shape of the metal can occur in lower-temperature fires, however, the metal will regain its original shape after the fire is distinguished, resulting in minimal damage.

Because there is lower risk of permanent damage during a fire, using metal to build your home will significantly lower insurance costs. This is great news for people who live in areas of the country that frequently experience wildfires, like California or Colorado.

3. Fewer Labor Costs

When you are building a house, one of the biggest chunks of your financial obligations will be labor costs. However, you can save a large amount of money in construction by choosing to live in a metal building. This is mainly because metal tends to be lighter than wood, allowing people to work faster during the construction of your home.

Choosing to live in a metal building means your overall labor costs will be fewer if you use wood. Your home can also be built much faster, allowing you to get to work on the interior and move in sooner.

4. Metal Building Homes Offer Design Flexibility

When you look at traditional homes built with wood, they tend to all have the same general shape. While sizes often differ, it is difficult to provide design flexibility regarding wooden homes. If you choose to use metal, the options are endless when it comes to the exterior and interior design of your home.

The versatility of metal allows you to create open, light, and airy spaces in your home. With the rising popularity of modern design, metal can provide you with the ability to create the home you envisioned. Additionally, it is much easier to add new rooms and renovate spaces in your home when you are using metal.

5. Easy to Insulate

When compared to other structures, metal houses can be created with much better heating and insulating systems. Insulated metal buildings give you complete control over the temperature. When you live in an area that experiences hot summers and cold winters, this is an exciting benefit.

In addition to being able to control the temperature, metal homes will be more energy-efficient than wood-framed homes, so you will save money on energy bills, stay warm during the winter, and cool during the summer.

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