Aircraft Hangars & The Protection of Your Aircraft – What You Should Know…

Aircraft hangers have over the years been built on commercial as well as residential properties as a way to protect private aircrafts as well as jets owned by businesses. Hangers are available in a multitude of sizes from ones that can house a single small aircraft to ones that can store multiple aircrafts. Aircraft hangers by their very nature and design have to be sturdy, large, and easy to build. Plus they need to be durable enough to withstand bad weather.

Protecting Your Asset is a Must!

Aircraft hangers also need to be dry, and the environment has to be controlled so that things like moisture, extreme cold or heat does not damage the aircraft. Even though aircraft hangers are becoming increasingly popular, they are still a huge investment as they are extremely expensive. However, they are a requirement for anyone who owns an aircraft as it shouldn’t be stored outdoors as that can result in damage which costs thousands of dollars to repair. So, a hangar that adequately protects an aircraft is a worthy investment in every conceivable way.

Pre-Fabricated Aircraft Hangers 

The vast majority of steel aircraft hangers are pre-fabricated or manufactured. All that’s required is to put them together on your property. Plus the size of most hangars can be easily adjusted to the specs of the aircraft. Generally, aircraft hangars will range from 24 feet right up to 225 feet with a clear span. You can also choose from multiple design options which include ones with a large opening and then there are ones with multiple doors which can accommodate more than one plan. Obviously the multi-door option is only available in hangars that can accommodate three or more aircrafts. Some hangars are also designed to fit both planes and helicopters. So, there is something for everyone, so to speak.

large aircraft hangar for sale

Small Prefab Aircraft Hangar

It goes without saying there are several benefits of storing a personal aircraft at home or at the company. The hangars offer a safe, convenient, and durable location to store all types of aircraft. Not to mention the fact that these hangars can withstand the harshest of environments including natural disasters like hurricanes and earthquakes. 

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