Advantages of A Prefabricated Steel Building for Your Auto Shop

What are the advantages of a prefabricated building for auto shops?

Auto shops often need a wide-open space where several vehicles can be repaired. However, conventional buildings like those made from brick or wood, with a load-bearing column or walls to support the roof don’t always fit the bill. If anything, it limits the operation of the garage to a great extent. That’s why prefab metal buildings offer the best of both worlds, i.e., a wide-open space, a durable structure and most of all cost-effectiveness.

It is interesting to note that the majority of boat, truck and otherwise vehicle repair shops are built using prefab metal buildings. That said they are several other advantages of using these prefabricated buildings in addition to the ones mentioned above.

Offers Lots of Space

Most automotive shop building plans ensure that your auto shop has a lot of space. So, there is a lot of elbow room to work in the best possible way. In our experience, no other building system offers an unobstructed and roomy interior that way our prefabricated metal buildings do.

High Ceilings for Easy Operation

Most if not all automotive shop building plans offer a great deal of headroom. The height of your ceiling ensures that the interior can comfortably accommodate cars, SUVs, trucks, hydraulic lifts, etc. You can have ceilings as high as 42 feet, with custom designs promising even higher ceilings.

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Prefab Metal Buildings Offer Large Openings

Automotive repair shops may often need multiple bays and each with a sturdy overhead door. Our metal buildings have the strength required to ensure large doors which can accommodate anything. Plus, you get to choose from an array of door sizes, lifting mechanisms and styles.

Fast Framing

Metal buildings can keep auto repair shop building cost down by offering simplified construction. All the framing is clearly marked making it simple to assemble. So, it reduces construction time by as much as 33% percent compared to wood construction. Owners can also choose to erect the framing themselves to keep costs down.

Keeps Costs Down

Steel building kits are comparatively cheaper which helps to keep initial per square foot construction costs down. Plus they can reduce operating costs significantly. A well-insulated building can also further reduce long-term operating costs like those associated with heating and with low maintenance you save further. Not to mention the fact that commercial grade, often non-combustible framing helps you get mega discounts on insurance premiums.

Damage Resistant for the Most Part

Titan Steel’s prefab metal buildings offer excellent durability ensuring that it can withstand the elements. They are also damage resistant to other forces of nature like strong winds, earthquakes, snow, termites, lighting, and mold, etc. So, automotive repair shop owners can expect years if not decades of unhindered service life.


Titan Steel is the prefab metal building of choice for automotive businesses across America. It is also an environmentally responsible choice with 89.5% of recyclable content. We help keep your auto repair shop building cost down by offering a number of options worth exploring.

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