5 Benefits of Using Pre-Engineered Steel Buildings for Gyms and Fitness Centers

As more and more people have begun to focus on health and wellness, the demand for fitness centers and gyms has exploded. The gym industry is enormous, with commercial gyms pulling in about $35 billion in 2019 and growing steadily ever since.

People want a place to work out, whether that means lifting weights, doing CrossFit, or performing other types of exercise. Opening a commercial gym has money-making potential–but how do you get started?

Many people looking to build a commercial or personal fitness center turn to pre-engineered steel buildings. In this article, we’ll explore the benefits of building a gym or fitness center and some of the most significant reasons you should consider a pre-engineered steel building.

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5 Benefits of Using Steel Buildings for Gyms and Fitness Centers

Taking an idea for a fitness center and bringing it to life doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive. Using a pre-engineered steel building has many benefits for a wide range of projects, including gyms and fitness centers.

Here are five of the best benefits of choosing to use a steel building for a fitness center.

1. Lower cost

Whether you’re thinking of building a commercial or personal fitness center, you don’t want to spend more than you have to. A building is an investment, and it’s essential to make sure you’re getting the most for your money.

Steel buildings are among the most cost-effective options for commercial structures for several reasons. First, the price of lumber is soaring, making wooden construction very pricey. Steel prices are affordable, and steel buildings can last for decades with fewer costly repairs and maintenance.

Second, pre-engineered buildings are easier to assemble, shortening construction time. Easier construction means fewer people and less time and equipment, saving you money immediately.

Last, steel buildings require less maintenance over time and often cost less to insure because they are rust, fire, and water-resistant.

2. Energy efficient

Fitness centers typically require a lot of energy. There is equipment to power and lights to keep on, but a lot of energy is also necessary to keep the building nice and cool–an essential aspect of a fitness facility.

Steel buildings can be insulated in various ways, boosting energy efficiency and reducing costs. People inside stay cool and comfortable, and you’ll notice lower energy bills.

3. Less maintenance

Pre-engineered steel buildings are carefully crafted to withstand all kinds of stress without showing signs of wear and tear. Galvanized coated steel is strong and resists rust, sagging, and corrosion. Steel buildings last for years without needing much repair beyond a simple cleaning from time to time. They resist pests, mold, decay, and other issues common to other types of building materials.

Steel is also fireproof, meaning you’ll have one less thing to worry about.

4. More interior space

If you’re building a fitness center, you want the most interior space for equipment, workout areas–and paying customers, of course. The unique construction methods used in pre-engineered steel buildings mean no interior columns interrupt the inside space’s flow.

With a clear-span metal building, the lack of internal support means you can get up to 300 feet of vast open space inside the building. More usable space means more opportunities to get creative. Add a locker room, office, separate studio, or anything else you can imagine–the choice and space are yours.

5. Faster construction

When you build with wood or other traditional construction materials, things happen very slowly. From the planning phase to the final touches, each stage can take months or even years–and the problems and costs can really pile up. Finding the right contractors to finish each part of the project can be an expensive hassle. By the time you get the building up and ready, you may not have the time and energy you did at the beginning of the project.

But erecting a pre-engineered steel building is quick, easy, and efficient. Instead of spending months or years getting your fitness center up and running, a steel building can be up in a matter of weeks.

Choose from a variety of customizable options, find the right place for it, and get your business up and running quickly. Prefabricated kits come pre-drilled and ready to be assembled. Construction is easy and straightforward, letting you focus on other details of creating your fitness center.

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