Why Are Steel Buildings Popular During Economic Downturns?

Rising inflation prices and skyrocketing housing costs have left many people feeling the need to be conservative with how they spend their money. However, people don’t want to sacrifice quality when it really counts–especially when building a home, commercial, agricultural, or industrial building.

No matter how tight the economy gets, cutting corners and skimping on quality isn’t the answer to long-term financial safety. As many people feel the pinch in their wallets, they begin to search for lower-cost construction options that won’t require them to sacrifice space, design, and durability.

So, what is the answer? Steel. Steel buildings are gaining popularity as the economy slows because they are an affordable, adaptable, and low-maintenance option for a wide range of products.

With many analysts predicting a recession looming, it’s important to recognize that there are many cost-saving benefits to choosing a steel building. Reach out to the experts at Titan Steel Structures to start a customized quote for your next project.

Why Are Steel Buildings Cost-Effective?

As economic growth slows and a possible recession looms, many people want to save money wherever possible. But saving money in the short term by choosing products that won’t last or require a lot of maintenance isn’t a smart bet. This is especially true when it comes to construction.

When you choose a steel building, you can have the best of both worlds by saving money now and over the life of the building. Here are three reasons steel buildings are gaining popularity as the economy slows down.


When thinking of the overall cost of a building, it’s crucial to consider not just the cost of constructing it but the cost of maintaining it, too. This is an area where steel buildings have a definite edge.

Wood, stone, and other traditional buildings deteriorate over time as weather and age take their toll. A steel building requires much less maintenance, meaning it won’t drain your wallet down the road. Steel withstands extreme temperatures, wind, and even earthquakes. It also repels moisture and pests–including termites–and is highly fire resistant. Because steel buildings are so durable, insuring them often costs less than other types of buildings.

Replacing roofing is a significant expense in wood or stone buildings. Asphalt, tile, and wood roofs tend to last between 5 and 15 years, meaning you’ll likely replace the roof of your building several times in its lifetime. But steel buildings have durable metal roofs that often last a lifetime.

Steel buildings aren’t just easy and less expensive to maintain–they’re also endlessly adaptable. If you need more space or a different configuration, you can quickly and inexpensively change your steel building. And if you ever need to make a repair, it’s much less expensive to replace a metal component compared to wood or stone.

Installation costs

They say time is money–and that’s never more true than during construction. Building with wood, concrete, and other traditional materials means high labor costs and a lot of wasted materials. Construction with stone and wood can also take months–or even years. This could mean missed opportunities, lost sales, or staying in an unaffordable living situation for a longer period.

Choosing a pre-engineered steel building means you can start construction quickly. Steel building kits contain everything you need for construction, including all pre-cut and pre-drilled metal components. Construction waste is essentially eliminated, and labor costs are minimized. Instead of waiting months or longer for your new home, industrial or commercial building, you’ll wait only weeks.


More and more, people are focusing on sustainability and making eco-friendly choices in all areas of their lives. In the past, being sustainable often meant spending more money upfront. But steel buildings provide an eco-friendly construction option that can actually save you money over time.

Steel buildings can be insulated more efficiently than other types, making them a more energy-efficient choice. You’ll notice lower energy bills and a more comfortable temperature inside the building. Steel buildings have metal roofs that can support the weight of solar panels, allowing you to maximize sustainability at any point.

Steel is also recyclable. Modern steel is made up of roughly 88% recycled steel–and you can recycle the metal components of your building if you no longer need them.

You may also be eligible for tax breaks if you choose sustainable materials during construction. This can help reduce the overall cost of your project. And for those building a retail space: customers often prefer to do business with companies that prioritize sustainability.

Finally, steel building kits create very little construction waste, meaning fewer materials are diverted to landfills. You’ll pay for exactly the materials you need and reduce the cost of waste disposal at the construction site.

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