4 Trendy Ways Steel Buildings Are Being Used Today

Steel buildings are a practical, durable type of construction that can meet a wide range of industrial, commercial, and residential needs. But steel buildings are more than just functional–they’re also trendy. As more and more people look for solutions to add functionality and fun to their properties, steel building trends are gaining popularity.

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Pickleball Courts

Pickleball is a fast-paced, quick-to-learn game that is gaining popularity all over the country. The game combines the fun and athleticism of badminton, tennis, and ping-pong, and players of all ages can master it with a little practice. According to the Sports and Fitness Industry Association, pickleball has attracted almost 5 million new players in recent times, making it the fastest-growing sport in America.

With the demand for pickleball courts growing, players are looking for cost-effective, durable buildings, and steel buildings are often the perfect solution.

Using steel buildings for pickleball courts offers advantages over other building types. So why should you choose a pre-engineered steel building?

More usable space

Unlike other building types, steel buildings have a clear-span design, meaning they do not have interior trusses or support posts. This design allows for more usable interior space. Pickleball players can move freely without being obstructed–a necessity for this fast-paced game.


Steel buildings are endlessly customizable and versatile, meaning you can choose everything from the design, ventilation, and paint color. Choose features that allow you to reduce your energy costs, create the size of structure you need, and add your team’s logo with less hassle and unanticipated expenses.

Quick installation

Pickleball is a seriously competitive industry now. As the demand for courts rises, people who can build quickly have a major advantage. Steel buildings are quick to build. While you may wait months for a wood or brick structure to be built, a Titan Steel building can be ready to go in a matter of days.

Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Data Mining Centers

Bitcoin and cryptocurrency are increasingly being recognized as legitimate currencies, and many people want to get a foot in the game. But if the goal of a bitcoin data mining farm is to make money, why would you want to spend time and money maintaining a structure?

Another popular steel building trend today is for bitcoin, crypto, and data mining centers. A steel building offers several benefits to people wanting to create a data mining center.

Low maintenance

Steel buildings are durable enough to handle whatever Mother Nature can dish out and require very little maintenance when compared to traditional building types. Rain, sun, snow, and wind are no match for steel. A steel building will retain its durability without losing its integrity or showing signs of wear and tear.


Customize your steel building’s size, shape, ventilation, and insulation to protect your data mining operation inside. A steel building offers more interior space than other structures, giving you more usable space in a smaller structure.


Steel offers unparalleled protection against fire, pests, mold, rot, and moisture–the elements that could cause some of the most harm to your bitcoin and crypto mining center.


Another steel building trend that is popular today is barndominiums.

As far as housing goes, bigger is not always better. More and more, people are looking for affordable, eco-friendly, customizable living solutions that allow for more freedom and less worry–and more often, people are turning to barndominiums for a solution.

A barndominium is a residential structure that often has a rustic farmhouse exterior and a cozy, luxurious interior living space. Many barndominiums are smaller than traditional homes but offer open-plan living and modern touches that make the best use of the room.

Some barndominiums have additional space that owners can use for production or storage space–or to house horses or other animals. The customization options are endless. As more people search for affordable, flexible housing, pre-engineered steel barndominiums will likely grow in popularity.

Marijuana/Hemp Grow Houses

Marijuana is a rapidly growing business that will likely gain even more traction as states legalize it. Commercial production of marijuana and hemp-based products for legal sale has created a demand for marijuana, and many farmers are choosing to grow it.

Steel buildings make excellent marijuana and hemp grow houses for several reasons.

Lots of open space

The open, unobstructed interior space of a steel building gives you plenty of room to plant and store farming equipment. If you choose a steel building, you can get more usable space in a smaller structure.

Energy efficient

Growing marijuana and hemp can use a lot of energy. But prefab steel growhouses can be insulated and ventilated to allow ultimate temperature and moisture control while using less costly energy.

Easy to maintain

Steel naturally resists excess moisture, pests, and mold with less costly, time-consuming maintenance. You can focus on your growing operation and spend less time maintaining your structures.

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