What Is the Cost Per Square Foot for Prefab Metal Building?

Well, it is pretty hard to answer the question without going into detail about things like quality. However, the cost per square foot for prefab metal building(s) on average is between $25 and $30 for non-complex designs. The price includes building materials–not foundation or construction.

Now because the majority of commercial building costs per square foot sold on the retail market may not include finishing you may not take that into consideration. However, finishing like façade and insulation as well as other forms of customization will raise the cost to an average $40 per square foot. Again, these are averages, and the actual price will vary depending on numerous factors.

Accounting for Variables: Cost Per Square Foot for Prefab Metal Building

Any price estimate for a steel building needs to take various variables into account, something we’ve mentioned earlier. Then there is also the fact that no two projects will be the same and so the differences in both of their requirements will have a direct effect on costs. Also, directly related to the price is the intended use of the building. Some uses or applications may require the use of more expensive and heavy-duty structural framing, along with more interior insulation which makes it more expensive. But that’s not the only factor driving up the cost per square foot for metal buildings.

cost per square foot for prefab metal building analysis for commercial real estate development
Analysis: Cost Per Square Foot for Prefab Metal Building

Another factor is the type of steel, its thickness, and design. The more well designed, fancy looking a structure is the more you’ll end up paying for it. The same goes for more durable, thicker steel. So, when you take all of this into account, the estimated price of a very basic steel prefab building will be around $25-30 per square foot. The estimate does not include foundation, preparation of the site, erecting the building, etc. The estimate only covers the base materials. Also, other factors that directly affect pricing is where you are located. The cost per square foot for prefab metal building can definitely fluctuate. However, it way more cost effective than brick and mortar.

What facts to know when putting up a building?

Now that you can calculate a standard 60×100 metal building cost, the next step is to figure out a few other things. Like where should you buy from? There are many different types of sellers including manufacturers, brokers, and general contractors. Keep in mind the cost per square foot for prefab metal building will vary with each.

Manufacturers: Many manufacturers build and sell directly to the public which helps cut out the middleman and drive down prices. When buying from a manufacturer, it may be possible to work with a designer to help customize the building as you see fit. But keep in mind that the manufacturer will only make the building, they isn’t going to assemble it. For assembly, you’ll need to hire someone or do it yourself. Also, the foundation isn’t included in prices quoted by the manufacturer.

Brokers: You might want to consider buying a metal prefab building from a broker because they sell products by various manufacturers. They can also help you find a lower commercial building cost per square foot. Though you will still have to handle the insulation and foundation.

General Contractors: Generally, they have a broker from which they buy. They will arrange for everything from purchase to installation. So, the price you get will include all expenses and happens to be the fastest way to put up a prefab metal building.

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