Why are Metal Buildings the Best Option for Residential, Agricultural, and Commercial Needs in Florida?

Metal buildings are the perfect investment for Florida residents running residential, agricultural, or commercial operations. Metal is durable, easy to clean, cheap to maintain, and strong enough to withstand inclement weather in the form of hurricanes and intense storms. Metal buildings are also a more cost-effective, practical solution when compared to wood or brick, further making them the best option for Floridians.

Metal Buildings are Energy Efficient

The year-round Florida heat is no joke, especially during the summertime. When heat and humidity strike, your air conditioner has to work overtime, and your electric bill goes through the roof! Because of Florida temperatures, business owners and homeowners need to make sure their buildings are as energy efficient as possible.

Even though metal conducts heat, it is easy to insulate, ventilate, and cool down a metal building. Many people find that their electric bills are cheaper when cooling a metal building than cooling a wood building.

Metal Buildings Can Withstand Hurricane-Force Winds

June to November is hurricane season in the Sunshine State. You can plan, prep, and stock up, but if the integrity of your building isn’t secure, hurricane-force winds can destroy shingles, rip off your roof, bust open windows, and cause significant damage to the interior and exterior of your building.

One of the reasons why metal buildings are the best option for residential, agricultural, and commercial needs in Florida is because strong hurricane-force winds are no match for durable, reinforced metal buildings. Metal building components are also resistant to wind lifting. All of our metal buildings at Titan Steel Structures are engineered according to local building codes and can withstand wind speeds of 160-180 mph.

Strong winds can also take down trees and powerlines which are notorious for causing damage to homes. However, prefab metal buildings are buckle-resistant, so they are less likely to buckle or cave when falling debris strikes.

Metal is More Sustainable and Long-Lasting Than Other Building Materials

With most of the state’s borders being on the shoreline, Floridians have the privilege of enjoying the beauty and serenity of the ocean on a regular basis. As a result, many are aware of the importance of protecting the Earth’s oceans, and a lot of Floridians are environmentally cautious.

Metal is incredibly durable. Metal buildings are more durable and long-lasting than wood buildings, and metal is recyclable, too. This makes metal buildings perfect for Floridians who care about reducing waste, getting the most out of their investments, and protecting the environment.

Metal Buildings are Versatile with Limitless Design Options

Metal buildings can be used for virtually any purpose. Metal barndominiums can serve as spacious alternatives to tiny homes, covered metal buildings can serve as riding arenas, and classic prefab metal buildings can be used for RV storage, commercial storage, automotive repair, bitcoin & cryptocurrency mining, marijuana grow houses, church buildings, and much more.

Whether you’re joining the cryptocurrency rush in Miami, operating a commercial or agricultural business elsewhere in Florida, or looking for an affordable storage building or personal workshop, metal buildings are right for you.

Not only do metal buildings have endless practical uses, but they also come with limitless design options. You can choose the exact size, eave height, pitch, wall color, trim, and more. Other building types may have design limitations, but metal buildings are so versatile that you can create the building of your dreams.

Metal Buildings Require Minimal Maintenance and are Cheap to Maintain

With Florida’s rising property insurance costs, residents are looking for other ways to save money on their properties. Metal buildings are extremely low maintenance, and the maintenance they do require is typically very simple to perform and easy to afford. Metal buildings are also pest, water, mold, and fire resistant, meaning you’re less likely to sustain these types of damages. Instead of spending money on building maintenance, you can invest your money elsewhere.

Metal Buildings Usually Have Lower Insurance Costs

Florida, being known for its natural disasters, has relatively high property insurance costs. However, metal buildings are not combustible and they are more durable than other building types, so many metal building owners enjoy up to a 30% reduction in their insurance rates.

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