Can Steel Buildings Withstand Hurricanes and Bad Storms?

Recent devastating hurricanes and tropical storms in Florida have made news all around the world. The destructive forces of nature have proven themselves able to flatten entire neighborhoods and cities. The new class of storms produces wind and torrential rain that can wreak havoc on long-standing structures and decimate buildings that withstood other storms.

So, what can withstand the worst of Mother Nature? Steel. Steel is a tough, durable building material that can hold up to the worst wind and water nature can produce. It has unmatched strength and can conform to a wide range of building plans, which lets you create exactly what you need in just about any environment. Learn more about why you should consider a steel building as you build–or re-build–in places known for hurricanes and intense storms.

The Benefits of a Steel Building in a Hurricane

Steel buildings are often among the last structures standing after a hurricane. This is because steel is one of the toughest, most adaptable building materials available. Before and during construction, you can make choices that will reinforce your steel building against anything Mother Nature can throw at it. This means you’ll spend less time worrying about your structure and feel more confident about your investment, no matter the weather.

Here are the top three factors that allow a steel building to withstand a hurricane.

1. Overall strength

The strength of steel is unrivaled. Steel is one of the strongest, most adaptable, and most durable materials in nature. Building with steel opens up endless possibilities and lets you build exactly the structure you need to withstand the challenges of your climate.

2. Durability

Steel resists the elements better than other traditional building materials. Fire, water, wind, cold, and heat won’t damage treated steel, meaning your building will withstand what others can’t. Steel buildings have a longer life and retain their value better than others. And steel can be recycled and reused without losing any of its strength or integrity.

3. Adaptability

Steel buildings can be built to your specifications and customized to endure in just about any climate or location. Insulation type, construction methods, and foundations can be changed to meet your needs so that you can feel confident in your investment.

Steel offers versatility and durability to handle any challenge. Discover the benefits of choosing a steel building by contacting the experts at Titan Steel Structures today.

How Does a Steel Building Withstand Hurricane-Force Winds?

Hurricane winds gusts can exceed 200 MPH, and sustained winds lasting for a minute or more can be up to 160 MPH. High winds strain any building, especially the wall junctions and roof edges. Unique construction methods can create more strength in these spots. Reducing edges, minimizing flat areas, and using arches can reduce the risk of wind damage.

Before beginning construction, you will work with your builders to design a steel building to withstand hurricanes, storm surges, and other destructive weather. You should consider the purpose of your building and the potential for all types of weather to make the best building plan.

Steel Buildings in a Storm Surge

Large storms and hurricanes can bring a swell of water with them, known as a storm surge. When a storm surge occurs, it can cause severe flooding and widespread damage. Buildings constructed with traditional, organic materials like wood absorb water, leaving them susceptible to damage, mold, and rot.

Steel doesn’t absorb water, making it an excellent building material for areas prone to storm surges and other types of flooding. When steel is exposed to water, it is prone to rust. For this reason, buildings in high-risk flood areas are constructed from steel with a protective zinc coating. This coating prevents rust and other signs of water damage.

Before beginning construction, make sure your building won’t be prone to regular flooding and that it has a strong foundation that will last as long as the building itself.

Choosing a Steel Building to Withstand Hurricanes and Strong Storms

Steel structures are so effective at resisting many of the problems associated with traditional construction that many insurance companies offer lower rates for steel buildings. They require less maintenance, cause less damage to foundations over time, and often have a higher resale value when compared to other building materials. And steel is more environmentally-friendly–when you’re done with the structure, you can sell or recycle the steel.

No matter how many times steel is recycled and reused, it retains its original strength and durability. It has the strength and durability to outlast anything else and stand up to whatever comes it’s way. Check out the benefits of steel for yourself by getting in touch with the Titan Steel Structure experts today.

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