Are Metal Buildings Really Cheaper than Wood Buildings?

When you need a new commercial or agricultural building, you may look into all of your building material options. You want something versatile, durable, and reliable, but you don’t want to break the bank. There are many obvious benefits of choosing a metal building kit over a wood building, but one you may not think about is the price.

When you see the initial sticker price of a metal building kit, you may be surprised at how high the cost is. And, when you only look at the upfront cost, you may be under the impression that wood buildings are cheaper than metal. However, the fact is that metal buildings are often cheaper than wood buildings, and they can save you a lot of time, upkeep, and money in the long run.

Understanding the Cost of a Prefab Metal Building Kit

Metal is one of the most affordable and widely available materials on earth. The cost-effectiveness of metal is difficult to match, and it has many benefits that other building materials don’t have.

For non-complex designs, metal building kits start at $25-30 per square foot. Although this price does not include things like purlins, girts, I-Beams, the foundation, or the cost of construction and delivery, metal building kits are already assembled for you. All that is required after your building is delivered is the erection of the building kit.

Comparing the Price of Metal Buildings vs. Wood Buildings

Wood structures, depending on the complexity of the build, can have lower upfront costs than metal buildings. However, metal buildings require little upkeep and can withstand the test of time better than wood buildings, so they are often cheaper in the long run.

When you are paying for a new construction wood build, you often have to pay for the foundation to be laid, construction costs, insulation, drywall, roofing, and more. Wood framing also has higher finishing costs, adding to the total bill. Not only that, but you have to wait for wood construction to be completed, which can take weeks or even months.

The longer you have to wait, the longer it will be until you get your business up and running so you can turn a profit. Metal building kits can be erected quickly, so you can get back to making money faster. If you took out a loan for your new building, turning a profit sooner will allow you to pay back your loan faster, saving you money on interest.

There are many other reasons why metal buildings are cheaper than wood over time, such as:

Lower Insurance Premiums

Insurance companies differentiate between wood and steel-framed buildings, and they know that wood is more easily destructible than metal. As a result, a metal building can save you money on insurance costs.

Reduced Labor and Construction Costs

Prefab metal building kits just need to be shipped to you and erected on your foundation, so you don’t need to hire as many construction workers, use as many building materials, worry about as many liabilities, or rent as much equipment. This can save you a lot of money on labor and construction costs.

Less Lifetime Maintenance Required

Wood structures are prone to rot, mold, pest infestations, and more, but metal structures are not. In wood buildings, paint can start coming off in 3-7 years, but metal buildings use industry-leading paint that prevents fading year after year. Metal also will not warp or split like wood will. This means you will end up paying more for maintenance costs on your wood building than you would with a metal building.

Increased Structural Strength and Longevity

Steel is the strongest building material there is, so these buildings can last for generations, withstanding fire, hurricanes, and other natural disasters. The durable metal buildings at Titan Steel are fully galvanized to ensure the best, long-lasting protection.

Benefits of Choosing a Metal Building Instead of a Wood Structure

Between a metal building’s impressive structural strength, little maintenance required, and longevity, it is easy to see why they are lower in cost and a better long-term investment than wood buildings. However, the cost isn’t the only benefit of choosing a metal building kit instead of a wood structure.

Many metal buildings don’t require interior supports, unlike wood, so you can maximize your square footage by putting more of it to use. The wide open space metal building kits offer can be a major advantage over the crowded support beams that wood structures require.

Metal buildings are also highly customizable, environmentally friendly, and reliable. There isn’t much more you can ask for!

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In the end, wood building materials are often cheaper upfront, but the ongoing costs of maintaining a wood building make them far more expensive than a metal building. Once you consider the long-term benefits of metal building kits, you realize that metal is the obvious choice.

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