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Titan Steel Structures takes into account the codes and regulations that vary depending on the state. If you are looking for prefabricated metal buildings in Nebraska, we can help. From Omaha to Lincoln, we provide the best in the industry quality metal buildings. Our Nebraska steel buildings are reliable, affordable, and fully customizable. No matter what design you have in mind, our metal buildings will withstand Nebraska’s midwestern climate. All of our Nebraska metal buildings come with stamped engineered blueprints from a licensed Nebraska engineer and will meet all IBC requirements.


Nebraska-certified steel buildings

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Metal Buildings For Sale in Nebraska

Automotive Buildings

Our steel automotive buildings give our customers flexibility in design options to expand their growing business or start a new one at a an affordable price. All of our steel buildings are engineered to meet all state and local codes requirements according to the latest building codes and our in house design team will work with you to make sure your building fits your needs.
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Equestrian Buildings

This is one of our roof only riding arenas that are very popular use for our metal buildings. Our metal buildings are great for open riding arenas because of the clear span interior and the ability to remove all bracing from side walls and beams in end walls. This allows for wide open riding space that our equestrian community loves. More and more of our customers are using our metal buildings  for riding arenas and equestrian centers.
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Agricultural Buildings

Due to advances in technology and in general construction methods you can now cost effectively and quickly build a steel agricultural building, using our steel buildings. Titan Steel Structures makes high-quality steel buildings that will last our farming community decades and hold up to the weather.
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Commercial Buildings

Here at Titan Steel we have come to understand that an abundance of companies and businesses are expanding their operations into the manufacturing industries and are in need of our metal buildings. Because of the affordability of our metal building prices, more and more companies are using our buildings.
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Houses of Worship

One the most popular trends now are our metal church buildings. Our clear span interior gives congregations the ability to design the interior of our buildings to meet their needs. It is a far more cost effective way to grow their congregation over traditional brick and mortar or wood. All of our steel buildings will meet all IBC requirements including high occupancy engineering for our church buildings.
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Aviation Buildings

Whether it is a small aircraft hangar for sport use or a more complex notable hangar used for a substantial sized aircraft, Titan Steel Structures is here to assist you in the layout of your aircraft hangar at an affordable building price and allows you to have a safe and secure building to keep your aircraft. Customers are using our steel buildings as an alternative to traditional hangar buildings due to the cost savings and reliability. 
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Storage Buildings

At Titan Steel, we are renowned manufacturers of the most reliable and durable metal storage buildings that provide optimum security. We understand the things that you store such as your tools, landscaping equipment, vehicles, and other valuable essentials, need to be kept safe from the elements and secured from anything that could damage them.
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Residential Buildings

We pride ourselves on taking every possible step to ensure that the quality of our steel buildings are top-notch. We understand the unique needs of homeowners and our steel buildings are the perfect solution. Most homeowners face budget constraints and would want both aesthetics and comfort. Sadly, they usually have to trade one factor for the other in order to maintain their budgetary needs. With our affordable steel building prices they can get the best value for their money with a structure that offers comfort, aesthetics and maximum flexibility without exceeding their budget.
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Horse Barns

At Titan Steel Structures we understand the importance of having a safe and secure place for your animals. Our 100% American made metal barns will stand the test of time. Our customers are pleasantly surprised by our metal building prices for horse barns and affordability to have the horse barn they’ve always dreamed of. All of our metal buildings are engineered to meet all IBC wind and snow load requirements.
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Retail Buildings

At Titan Steel we provide retail steel building kits that will not only help integrate all your retail needs we help you design the perfect layout for the store of your dreams. Our affordable metal building prices make it affordable for new businesses just getting started and established ones looking to expand. Our metal buildings are increasingly being used for new and growing businesses.
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RV Storage Buildings

We understand the importance of protecting your valuables and investments. There is no better place to keep your RV or motor-home safe then in a Titan RV storage building. Our heavy duty steel buildings will offer a secure place to store your investment without breaking the bank. Contact us to discuss your RV storage building plans.
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Recreational Buildings

In any community, it is essential to have a designated space that can be easily customized for various events. From volleyball and basketball to events and practice facilities, our steel recreational buildings are a perfect solution. Our metal buildings for sale will save you money versus traditional methods of construction.
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Titan Steel Buildings – Our Commitment to Service

At Titan Steel Structures, we understand each of our customers are unique. From customers who understand the verbiage and the technical nuances of contracting and steel structures to those who are just starting out. We also realize some of our clients have the capability of completing everything themselves and others are new to the whole concept of a steel building project. Regardless we provide customized guidance for each project along the way. The experience can be a little intimidating, at the same time exciting! We at Titan Steel enjoy making the process better and being a part of the journey.

Across the entire company, we love sharing our experience and the wealth of knowledge we have attained over years of industry experience. We help you design and craft an exclusive, detailed engineered, and precise building that will fit directly into your livelihood. This may be the only time you decide to complete a project of this magnitude or you might be one of our returning loyal customers, either way our goal is for your experience to be seamless. Let us to do the heavy lifting! With Titan Steel Structures you not only get a committed and dedicated project manager you get the entire Titan family. We are glad to be of service to you and your project 100% of the time!

If you are referred by one of our great customers please let us know, and thank you!

About Our Quality Nebraska Metal Buildings

Nebraska is referred to as the “cornhusker” state, making it mainly known for its huge fields of corn. Nebraska has plenty more to offer, including tight-knit communities, gorgeous panoramas of open skies, and a deep appreciation for agriculture.

Whether you are raising a family, starting a commercial business, or expanding an agricultural venture, Nebraska is a great place to start. Whatever your goal is, you want to have buildings that you can rely on. The residents of Nebraska have begun resonating with the benefits of using prefabricated metal building kits.

Metal building kits in Nebraska can be used for endless purposes. Some common uses include retail stores, restaurants, manufacturing warehouses, and even greenhouses for crops. The durability and flexible customization options featured by metal buildings make it possible to use them for any venture.

If you are looking for a metal building provider in Nebraska, look no further than Titan Steel Structures. We offer custom metal buildings to our clients, allowing a wide variety of building designs and unmatched reliability.

Nebraska metal building kits

Why are Metal Buildings Popular in Nebraska?

Tons of people are making the switch from traditional building materials like wood to metal. But why?

Steel buildings in Nebraska offer extensive advantages. These buildings can withstand severe winters, and tornadoes, and are perfect for agricultural and residential projects.

Metal Can Withstand Severe Winters

Nebraska is one of the top states for severe winters. This state routinely sees between 20 to 40 inches of snowfall every winter. Additionally, Nebraska can reach temperatures lower than 10 degrees.

When you are living in a state with cold and snowy winters, you want to use a building material that is made to last. Metal buildings are easy to insulate, which means you will be able to stay warm. Additionally, they can withstand heavy snow loads, making them ideal for Nebraska winters.

The benefits of having a metal building during a Nebraska winter include:

  • Natural insulation and the ability to insulate effectively
  • Improved moisture control
  • Less maintenance is required because of metal’s ability to withstand winter storms
  • Decreased risk of pest infestations even while animals seek shelter during the winter
  • Savings on energy bills because metal can retain warm air longer

Protection From Tornadoes

Pre-engineered metal buildings are built to last. One of the main concerns building owners have in Nebraska is damage from tornadoes. Nebraska sees an average of 55 tornadoes annually, so it’s important to choose a durable building material.

Quality steel buildings can withstand up to 170 mph winds, making them your best bet when living in a state that experiences tornados. You are less likely to experience severe damage from tornadoes when you have a metal structure. Additionally, there is a wide range of roof styles to choose from, which means you can pick the best one for high winds.

At Titan Steel Structures, one of our building specialists can help you determine whether certain customization options will increase your structure’s ability to withstand tornados.

Metal Supports Nebraska’s Agriculture

Agriculture is the top industry in Nebraska. People choose metal structures because they are the best choice for a wide range of agricultural purposes like farm buildings.

Metal buildings can be used for the following agricultural purposes in Nebraska:

  • Shelter for livestock like pigs or cows
  • Riding arenas and training centers for horses
  • Storage for farming equipment
  • Greenhouses and grow houses for crops
  • Living quarters for staff members
  • And more!

Nebraska metal building

Benefits of Metal Buildings in Nebraska

Buying a metal building is a big investment. Before you commit, it can be helpful to be aware of the benefits. For example, metal buildings offer fast assembly times, lowered insurance costs, and long-lasting durability.

The advantages of choosing a metal building in Nebraska include:

  • Fewer labor costs during construction
  • Lowered energy use and impact on the environment
  • Design and dimension options
  • Open floor plans
  • Endless customization options, from special paint coatings to unique door and window designs
  • Quick assembly times
  • Easy installation of insulation
  • Decreased risk of pest or mold infestations

Whether you have an agricultural or commercial steel building, there are many benefits to take advantage of. At Titan Steel Structures, we offer unmatched customer service skills, helping you create the best building for your needs.

Most Popular Cities for Steel Buildings in Nebraska

  • Omaha
  • Bellevue
  • Lincoln
  • Nebraska City
  • Papillion
  • Seward
  • Kearney
  • Grand Island
  • North Platte

Popular Steel Building Types and Uses in Nebraska

  • Steel Residential Buildings
  • General Metal Building Kits
  • Metal Farm Buildings for Agricultural Use
  • Steel Dairy Barns
  • Indoor Riding Arenas
  • Metal Workshop Buildings
  • Prefabricated Church Buildings
  • Steel Aircraft Hangars

How Much Does a Metal Building Cost in Nebraska?

At Titan Steel Structures, we offer quality metal buildings for sale in Nebraska. Before you commit to us, you might be wondering what our metal building prices are like.

The cost of a metal building in Nebraska heavily depends on the market price of steel. Usually, metal costs between $25 to $35 per square foot. This gives you a good baseline to determine what your building will cost without any customizations.

Other factors can play a role in how much a metal building costs, including design options and local building codes. Our expert engineers can help you come up with an accurate estimate based on the specifications you are interested in.

Nebraska metal buildings

Popular Steel Building Sizes and Dimensions

While you have the option to create a custom size building, many people choose from our most popular sizes and dimensions, which include:

40x60 Steel Buildings

Residents in Nebraska depend on our 40×60 steel building kits to meet a range of residential, agricultural, and industrial requirements. These buildings of 40×60 dimensions serve admirably as storage facilities for residences, private workshops, small retail establishments, office spaces, and beyond.

30×60 Steel Buildings

One of our most popular dimensions in Nebraska is 30×60. Titan Steel Structures’ 30×60 steel buildings are suitable for a range of purposes, such as home workshops, textile manufacturing, and even small-scale retail shops or eateries operated by families.

30x50 Steel Buildings

If you are thinking of creating a safe and durable livestock shelter, 30×50 steel buildings are a great choice to keep them safe from the elements. Additionally, in Nebraska, many individuals choose 30×50 building kits to create areas for automotive storage or repair businesses. This size offers the perfect space for multiple car bays or even accommodations for livestock.

40×40 Steel Buildings

Titan Steel Structures often provide Nebraska residents with 40×40 steel buildings for residential purposes. A 40×40 building is versatile for various small-scale applications, ranging from automotive repair and RV storage to serving as an art studio or a residential storage facility.

40x50 Steel Buildings

Another popular size is our 40×50 steel buildings. Nebraska residents choose to use 40×50 steel buildings because of their versatility. This size can accommodate any type of industrial, agricultural, or residential need.

50x50 Steel Buildings

In Nebraska, 50×50 steel buildings are highly sought after for residential and recreational uses. Whether you’re planning to construct a new home, a workshop, or a storage facility for your yard equipment, a 50×50 steel building is your best option.

100x100 Steel Buildings

Our 100×100 steel building kits are ideal for large projects. They offer a vast, open space suitable for any purpose you have in mind. From large homes to equestrian buildings or manufacturing plants, a 100×100 steel building will suit your needs.

50x100 Steel Buildings

50×100 steel buildings are popular in Nebraska because they offer room for plenty of room for any commercial, agricultural, or residential purpose. For instance, a 50×100 steel building is the perfect option for creating a shopdominium or a traditional-style home.

100x200 Steel Buildings

100×200 steel buildings are a common choice for Nebraska residents with equestrian businesses. This building size offers the flexibility to establish rows of horse stalls alongside additional space for equipment storage.

50x60 Steel Buildings

50×60 steel buildings are perfect for Nebraska residents who are considering building a warehouse or storage facility. 50×60 steel buildings are often used for personal storage buildings or commercial warehouses.

60x100 Steel Buildings

Nebraska residents may use our 60×100 steel buildings for a variety of uses. Typically, 60×100 buildings serve various purposes, including agricultural, manufacturing, or residential uses. For instance, such a building could be utilized as a personal workshop, living quarters for livestock, or a greenhouse for crop cultivation.

40x80 Steel Buildings

40×80 steel buildings are just right for homes in Nebraska. Totally customizable, this size gives you endless design options, so your dream home can come to life. Plus, it’s easy to expand later on, which is perfect for growing families.

60x80 Steel Buildings

A 60×80 steel building is optimal for small-to-large-sized businesses or recreational purposes in Nebraska. Whether you need a warehouse for retail storage or are opening a rec center, our 60×80 steel buildings are right for you.

40x100 Steel Buildings

Titan Steel Structures often sells 40×100 steel buildings to residents and business owners in Nebraska. This building size can be used for a wide variety of purposes, including storing personal equipment, livestock, or housing employees.


“I want to pass along to you how happy we are with the structure of the 30’ x 60’ metal building we purchased from Titan Steel. The local erector even commented on how sturdy and well-built it turned out.

The building was so perfectly square they didn’t have to use temporary bracing or use any torque on the tensioning rods for adjustment. The quality of the materials is nothing short of amazing and the design is perfect.

We are so happy to be in Florida where there is a true concern of how structures are built and feel confident that being in a coastal county that we chose the best product for our situation and know it will stand the conditions
that might arise here.”

Faithe Evans

Titan Steel Structures has been the best I have had the pleasure working with in years. Mark Milazzo was my primary contact and he was very accommodating to our engineering requirements. Mark was always responsive to our emails and phone conversations. Titan Steel Structures is my go-to-company for steel buildings.

Ron Patterson

It was a great experience from start to finish. I am a business owner myself and titan steel is good example of how to operate a business, very prompt on phone calls, pricing and follow through was great. Thank you and would highly recommend titan steel!

David B.

I love my building!! High quality and pieces fit like a puzzle Everyone was very friendly and helpful from begging to end

Jason O.

This was our first time buying a building, so we were admittedly apprehensive about the process before we started. The professionals at Titan were extremely helpful throughout our experience with them. They were able to provide really smart suggestions based on what we were looking for and efficiently answered all questions we had as they guided us through the entire process. We did have a couple of slightly damaged panels that were delivered with the initial package, but when we notified them, they responded immediately, apologizing and shipping out new ones the same day. This is a company that stands by their word and their product, and we highly recommend them.

Danielle King

Anyone reading this and is in the market for a steel structure, go with Titan Steel Structures. Here’s why. Expert knowledge of all concerns on the construction. Honest and timely answers on questions and quoting. Before on time delivery buy professional trucking company. Highest quality fabrication of all structural members. 100 percent of all hardware needed. After pricing other structures, Titan Steel Structures was by far the best value. All parts clearly marked for the easiest and highest quality, timely build. Cris C. Was the most professional and knowledgeable manager I’ve ever had the pleasure doing business with. I wouldn’t think of doing business with anyone else in the future. If you are looking for professionalism, highest quality, and the best value, do yourself a favor and buy Titan! You won’t be disappointed!!

Jon M

As GC’s specializing in Equestrian structures for over 15 years, we was very satisfied with the quality of the steel structure we purchased from Titan Steel Structures for a Riding Arena for a customer in Wellington, Fl. The staff was very professional and made it easy to get exactly what we needed for the project. The building arrived right on time which made the job go much smoother. We will definitely be buying from Titan again!

Priscilla Thomasevich

Titan Steel Structures made our lives so much easier when purchasing a pre-engineered building from them. We saved money and time when it came to the start of our new customizing business. Within the first couple weeks we designed and submitted everything we wanted and they have been in constant contact with us. Their customer service has really been the selling point for us to recommend them, they are honest, knowledgeable, and they get straight to the point. If you are looking to purchase a new steel building you should definitely go with Titan Steel Structures. If all goes well with our new business we will definitely be going back to them for our next.

Theresa Miller

My experience with Titan was great. Although I am a complete amateur, Mark M. worked with me to design a 72′ x 40′ farm shop which included a two-level foundation, an apartment, and attached shed. He was patient, flexible, prompt, and helpful at every step through multiple design changes. Overall, one of the best consumer experiences I have ever had. Thank you Mark and Titan!

Lee L.

Titan was great from start to finish. We purchased a building from them for our RV and vehicles. They walked us through the whole process and were very patient as we were first time buyers. The building looks amazing and we couldn’t be happier with the way everything came out.

Kristal Wilson

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