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Religious Steel Structures

We have seen churches taking on a unique appearance for many years. The appearance we term as being unique has a lot to do with the construction materials which were used at the time. Hundreds of years ago grand cathedrals were built using thousands of baked bricks while on the...

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Why Tornado Alley Chooses Steel Buildings Over Others?

In May of 2013, a tornado hit Marysville, Kansas destroying all but the four metal buildings that property owner Dan had on this property. The tornado left only the metal buildings standing and because of that very reason today almost every building in Marysville also now called Tornado Alley is...

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Why are Prefab Church Buildings So Popular?

The Popularity of Prefab Church Buildings is On The Rise! Have you been considering a prefabricated church building? If you have, then there are a couple of things you should consider. Over the past couple of years, we’ve seen the demand for prefab church buildings skyrocket, but why? How does...

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Steel Warehouses and Manufacturing Facilities

Most people may look around and see that there is a growing trend towards steel warehouses and the building of manufacturing facilities. Steel structures offer an array of benefits over traditional building methods, one of which is cost-effectiveness yet durable. Plus, steel is the simplest building solution for buildings that...

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Advantages of Using Prefab Steel Buildings for New Construction

New Construction Done with Prefab Metal Buildings: What are The Advantages? Well, there are quite a few advantages to using pre-engineered or prefabricated steel buildings over conventional building materials. Prefabricated buildings are quicker to build, cost less, and can easily be customized. Building owners also save in the long-term because...

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