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why are prefab church buildings so popular

Why are Prefab Church Buildings So Popular?

The Popularity of Prefab Church Buildings is On The Rise!

Have you been considering a prefabricated church building? If you have, then there are a couple of things you should consider. Over the past couple of years, we’ve seen the demand for prefab church buildings skyrocket, but why? How does the building save you money? 

In this article, we will reveal everything you’ve ever wanted to know about prefabricated church buildings and more!

What is the Meaning of Prefabricated?

The definition of prefabricated is that the building’s parts have been made in the factory, and then delivered as a kit which can then be assembled. This method of construction saves time and money since all the parts fit together nicely.

small metal church buildings for smaller congregations

What are Prefab Church Buildings?

These are often church buildings which are less expensive to build and one can be put together by a couple of professionals. If anything, they are a budget-friendly solution which allows the congregation to easily expand by upgrading the structure or getting a larger customized one in the beginning. Prefab church buildings are easily customizable and can be built onto an already existing church building.

Prefab steel church buildings, in general, have many advantages like: 

  • Design flexibility  
  • Resistant to wear 
  • Can hold up against both heat and cold 
  • Corrosion resistant 
  • Adaptable 
  • Affordable 

prefab church buildings designs and layouts for growing congregations

A prefabricated steel building does not succumb to termites and rot, which is otherwise associated with the wood-based structure. Plus they are around 40% cheaper to insure. All of which makes a steel structure more affordable both in short and the long term as not as much maintenance is required. 

Why are Prefab Churches Gaining in Popularity? 

One of the leading reasons for their popularity is the fact that they are easy to build. All the materials and requirements are inexpensive and durable. So, everything can be put together reliably. 

You also get numerous benefits and customization options like the size, materials, and colors. So, the resulting church building can be precisely the way you want it. 

Any Size is Possible? 

Prefab churches can efficiently be designed, manufactured, and built to exact specifications. These specifications need to be precise as everything depends on it. But if you need more space or want a larger building that too can be arranged. Modular construction means that the building can be easily expanded as the congregation grows. 

How Will It Save you Money?

Not only are these churches cheaper to build, but they can also be built on your own. Being able to purchase a kit and set up the building on your own will save money on labor. Not to mention that there is no scrap or waste as a result, plus it is more energy efficient. All of these factors translate to helping you save money. 


At the end of the day, the biggest reason for prefabricated churches being so popular is because they are easy to build. They are also cheaper compared to other types of buildings, and the strength of steel is the reason why these buildings are so durable. After all, it is durability, budget friendliness, and the fact that the building can be customized is the leading reason why prefabricated churches are so popular.

5 reasons to have steel livestock buildings

5 Reasons to Have Steel Livestock Buildings

When it comes to structures for your livestock, you have literally dozens of different options from which to choose. However, your best bet is always going to be steel livestock buildings because the provide the best bang for your bottom dollar. Below we cover a couple of reasons why steel livestock buildings are such a good option for you. 

Constructing a Steel Livestock Building is Easy and Fast 

Unlike traditional wooden buildings that can take weeks to build and a large team of workers working around 8 hours a day, steel buildings go up much faster. So, anyone who needs a quick solution for their growing livestock should invest in steel. Plus it is cheaper to set up and only requires around two people at most, which make it cost effective too.

Initial Lower Costs for Steel Livestock Buildings 

The great thing about steel structures is that they need very little building materials and a few people to do the job. The benefits of a using few materials and next to no labor results in a lower cost of the initial construction. That said it does not mean that the resulting building will not be sturdy or last you a long time. Steel is amongst the strongest materials available today and requires next to no maintenance for years if not decades.

prefabricated metal livestock buildings

steel livestock barns for cows and other farm animals

Requires Less Maintenance 

Now that we’ve established that setting up a steel building is cheap then its no surprise that maintenance is cheap too. You need almost nothing to keep the structure in good condition. All you need is to give it a power wash annually, get the roof and seam inspected, and that’s just about it. When you buy it from a reputable source and follow the instructions to build it correctly, you can expect decades of service life without so much as even having it painted. 

Steel is Impervious to all the Issues Faced by Wood Structures 

Anyone who uses wooden buildings may find this impossible, but in fact, it is not. When you consider the issues with wood, you’ll spend far less time and money fixing any of those issues with a steel building. When panels are created, the color is mixed with the metal. That’s why the structure is virtually resistant to fading and does not require painting for a very long time. They also don’t suffer from rot, mold bugs, and rodents. It is also impervious to fire, so the barn will not burn down. So, in a nutshell, you save time with a steel structure. 

Modifying the Structure is Affordable and Simple 

The biggest benefit of using a steel livestock building is the ease at which you can modify and expand it. The structure does not have to be retrofit, the seams can easily be popped apart, and a new set of panels can be added in a matter of hours. 

Nail the Right Design and Look 

Unlike the steel-paneled buildings used on farms decades ago, today’s products have improved tremendously in terms of design, colors, etc. So now you get to choose the shape of the roof, add front panels that look like wood or steel and create a look you like. Whether it is conventional or unconventional how the barn looks is all up to you. 

If you have a question about steel livestock buildings, feel free to contact us today.

benefits of a red iron steel building

Benefits of a Red Iron Steel Building

Why should you choose red iron steel buildings over all other building materials? The fact is that there are many benefits of red-iron steel, especially when paired with most people’s budgets. Regardless of what your business’s unique selling point is or what you can afford, as it turns out, this is the best building material on the planet. Unfortunately, because steel buildings haven’t had a good rep in the past, many entrepreneurs are missing out on its benefits.

If you are considering a commercial steel building, we run through a couple of benefits of red iron below.

Red Iron Steel is a Very Affordable Building Material

Finding red-iron steel for construction is easy, and it is affordable for the most part. Almost every continent has enormous supplies of untapped iron, making it the second most common metal on earth. That is why iron has been the metal of choice by ancient societies for building everything from homes to railways, bridges, and barges. So, if you’re on a budget, you can’t go wrong with red iron steel.

prefabricated steel auto shop building with lifts

The Easiest Material to Work With

Whether you are building a 40×60 steel building or a shed, there is no doubt about the fact that red-iron is very easy to work with. Many builders already know just how easy it is to work with this material. Plus, the kits you buy are very easy to assemble and can be done by anyone with a couple of basic tools. However, larger buildings will require expertise as large sheets of red iron are heavy.

Red Iron Steel Will Save You Time

In the business world, saving time is equivalent to saving money. If you can save both time and money, then that’s ideal. Red iron steel allows you to do just that since you’re able to save money on both labor costs and shorten construction time.

Red Iron steel or a commercial steel building also cause little to no disruption to the neighboring businesses. So, there is no initial negative interaction with your business while you save as much as 5% on upfront building costs and lots in the way of saving time.

The Building will Hold up for a Long Time

Red iron has a reputation for holding up to the elements for a very long time. It can withstand everything from snow, hail, and rain to howling storms. Unlike other materials, it is not easily damaged or compromise support.

Steel is also pest, rodent, and insect proof. So, you will not have to spend hundreds if not thousands of dollars on repairs and maintenance.

Red Iron Steel Buildings are a Very Long-Lasting Investment

Time is always on the side of red iron buildings because they don’t decay like concrete, wood, or any other building material. They are also not easily burnt to the ground. So, they can effectively last for centuries. That’s why some of the oldest buildings in New York have not been renovated because they don’t require it. After all their rock-solid red iron steel beams are still holding up! 

steel building kits for cold storage

Steel Building Kits for Cold Storage are a Hot Trend!

When you hear cold storage it can mean a building to keep things cold or a building to keep your stuff out of the cold, this article is about the latter of the two. Steel building kits can be transformed into excellent places for cold storage during the winter. Metal buildings can be used in many ways with a cold storage warehouse being one of them. Below we look at a few ways in which metal buildings can be used as storage units.

Keep Your Vehicles Rust Free

Metal shop buildings do a great job of keeping things dry. During the winter a steel building can help to keep the ice and snow off your car. Not only does it save the vehicle’s body from rust but also ensures that you can get the car started ASAP as the engine and related parts don’t have to deal with condensation. Steel buildings offer the best all-weather protection out there, and they are comparatively cheap. So, you can have a steel carport which reduces ice accumulation and keeps the paint job on the car looking good. After all, everyone knows that trying to scrape off the ice by hand or melting it using hot water is detrimental to your car’s overall longevity. 

Keep Wood Dry

Do you have some wood that you want to store away for the winter? Or perhaps there is an unfinished building project that you’d like to shelve away during the winter to pick up later in the summer? The most effective way to store wood is a few feet off the ground in a location that’s not pest infested. If anything you never want to store it in your home as it could already contain termites causing the house to become infested too. That’s where a metal storage shed with a couple of racks would work best.

steel buildings engineered for heavy snow load

Using a Steel Building as Business Storage

Steel building kits can easily be assembled into a secure storage unit which allows you to store business related items. You can store boxes of paper, files, hard drives, and other electronics without worrying about it being destroyed. It can also be used to store holiday inventory. The unit can also be used as space to store temperature sensitive stuff, but you’ll need to use climate control and insulation for that purpose.

Cold Storage Warehouse for Your Boat

Whether it is water skis, a motorboat, or camping gear, you always want to keep it dry. Keeping expensive and often delicate boating equipment outside during the winter is never a good idea as it can become drenched and then frozen. Plus, parking your boat trailer on the street isn’t exactly a good idea either. That’s where a metal shed will make the most sense. That way, you can keep everything dry and safe. Though you may want to refer to the HOA rules about metal structures in your area.


Whether you want a cold storage warehouse or just a shed type structure for a couple of excess items, you can’t go wrong with steel. Most of all you can build a steel structure at any time of the year, even winter!