80x70x20 Aircraft Hangar Building

Titan Steel Structures builds some of the best, most durable aircraft hangers which are easily put together anywhere. The 80x70x20 aircraft hanger is undoubtedly one of the most popular size aircraft hangars our customers request due to the versatility of aircraft it can accommodate. The reason perhaps is that this size hanger can accommodate most modern airplanes like the PC-24, the PC-12, and the PC6, in addition to the Embracer Phantom 100 and others.

80x70x20 Airplane Hangar For Sale

Buying and installing the 80x70x20 airplane hangar has been made a hassle-free and easy process by Titan Steel Structures. For starters, potential customers are provided with all the information needed about the hanger’s material, size, door size capability (hangar door is provided by customer) and other aspects which matter. However, while prices of the hangers are considered competitive, buyers should consider several other aspects of setting up the hanger like the cost of space this hanger will accommodate and its maintenance obviously these are not factored into the price of this steel building kit.aircraft hangar sizes

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80x70x20 Airplane Hangar Plans

Titan Steel Structures has been building and selling high-quality steel aircraft hangers for a very long time. The company has a reputation for providing excellent customer services and ensuring that their hanger plans are easy to understand for most people or contractors. Unlike conventional construction and preparation, all aspects of designing and delivering the hanger are coordinated by a team of experts. So, buyers of the 80x70x20 airplane hanger don’t have to worry about the nitty gritty details that they would otherwise have had to with a conventional build.

Once erected the hangers are virtually maintenance free. The top grade 26-gauge steel walls and the durable roof sheeting along with a solid steel frame ensures years of trouble-free service life regardless of where you live. Not to mention the fact that this particular size is designed and manufactured to fit the budget of most flying enthusiasts who want a cost-effective way to store away their precious airplane.

80x70x20 Aircraft Hangar Prices

The prices of our 80x70x20 prefabricated aircraft hangers are primarily based on the use of high-quality steel and also on the ease of installation associated with these kits as well as being virtually maintenance free. So, even though you don’t pay as much upfront for the hanger itself, you’re also not spending a lot in the way of maintenance. That’s why owners of our aircraft hangers save money both in the long and short them. A big factor to be considered in the purchase of your new aircraft hangar is the type and size door you are needing for the building. Titan does not supply hangar doors but will engineer our building to support the door of our customers choosing.

Titan Steel Structures’ hangers are known to last for decades. So, there will be no need to replace the existing hanger for years to come. That’s after all the quality we stand behind.

steel aircraft hangar prices

steel aircraft hangar plans

Should You Buy a Large Airplane Hangar?

If you have an airplane that can easily fit through the 70×16 hangar door size of the 80x70x20 hanger, then we highly recommend you do. There is no point buying a hanger that’s larger than what you need. Most people that own aircraft require a safe place to store their asset and this hanger is more than adequate for it. Also, you are like most people then you won’t be upgrading to a larger airplane anytime soon so the hanger should serve you for many years to come. However, if you do intend on upgrading soon, we’d recommend our larger size hangers.

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