Popular Sizes & Dimensions – 80×200 Steel Outdoor and Indoor Riding Arenas

An 80 X 200 steel building is a very popular size for riding arenas, especially for Dressage enthusiasts. This size provides ample space to accommodate all your riding needs and then some. Practitioners of most riding disciplines find our 80×200 steel riding arenas to be accommodating to their needs. Large farms also use our 16,000 sq foot steel equestrian buildings for combined storage as well as equestrian living quarters.

What’s unique about our riding arena kits is the full customization we offer. You get to design your outdoor or covered riding arena exactly how you want it.
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The Benefits of an 80×200 Steel Riding Arena

Our 80×200 indoor riding arena kit offers an open floor plan, thanks to the pre-made steel structures with no interior support columns or beams in the way. This translates to plenty of room for riding and training. If you need extra height for jumping, that’s a breeze to adjust, and you can order a building with an extra tall eave height. The 80×200 indoor arena can also accommodate a round pen for horse work while still maintaining ample space for broader training and riding activities.

Additional benefits of 80×200 steel riding arenas include:

  • Cost-Effective – Compared to traditional wood or brick riding arena options, pre-engineered 80×200 steel riding arenas offer significant cost savings without compromising on quality or functionality.
  • Minimal Maintenance – Steel structures are durable and require minimal maintenance, allowing you to focus more on your horses and riding activities, and less on upkeep.
  • Versatile Design – The 80×200 size is highly versatile, accommodating a variety of riding disciplines, making it a favorite among equestrian enthusiasts with diverse training and dressage needs.
  • Longevity and Durability – Steel is known for its longevity, providing a reliable and lasting solution for your equestrian facility.
  • Fast and Easy Construction – Prefabricated steel riding arena kits streamline the construction process, saving you time and getting you in the saddle sooner. Your steel riding arena can be erected in a fraction of the time it would take to construct a riding arena using other building materials.
  • Adaptable, Wide-Open Space – The spacious 80×200 area allows for easy adaptation to host equestrian events, clinics, or training sessions, expanding the utility of your riding arena.
  • Weather Resistance – Steel structures stand up to the elements, providing a sturdy and reliable shelter for your horses and riding activities. They can be manufactured to endure strong winds, heavy rain, or snow depending on your needs.
  • Pest and Termite-Resistance – Steel is made out of inorganic material, and steel buildings lack cracks and crevices. As a result, termites aren’t attracted to them, and other types of pests can’t get in.
  • Eco-Friendly – Steel is a recyclable material, making it an environmentally friendly choice for your equestrian facility.
  • Flexible Accessories – From stalls and storage areas to specialized riding equipment, a 80×200 steel riding arena can accommodate a range of accessories that enhance the functionality and convenience of your arena.

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Choose Between an Indoor or Outdoor 80×200 Riding Arena

Our customers can choose between indoor and outdoor riding arenas based on their preferences and specific requirements.

Indoor 80×200 Riding Arenas

An indoor riding arena provides a controlled environment that allows you to ride and train year-round, regardless of weather conditions. The 80×200 indoor arena size is perfect for creating a comfortable, sheltered space for both riders and horses. It’s a great option for those who prioritize consistent training, protection from the elements, and the ability to host events or clinics without having to worry about the weather forecast.

Outdoor 80×200 Riding Arenas

For those who appreciate the freedom of the great outdoors, our 80×200 roof-only outdoor arenas are designed to offer a unique equestrian experience that lets in the fresh air and warm sunlight. Outdoor riding arenas allow you to ride while enjoying the beauty of the surrounding environment. Outdoor riding arenas are ideal for those who crave expansive, open space and Mother Nature’s scenery.

Our roof-only outdoor arenas come with our “Equestrian Package” which includes non-expandable end-walls and portal frames in the side walls to have a completely open structure. We recommend gutters and downs for both our outdoor and covered riding arena kits.
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Customization Options for a 80×200 Steel Riding Arena

A 80×200 metal riding arena can be customized in several ways. First, you have the option to include stalls for living quarters or grooming. If you choose an indoor riding arena, it can be customized with climate control features, insulation, and ventilation systems, keeping your riding arena comfortable for you and your horses all year round. Additional customization options include gutters and downs, insulation, translucent panels, and much more. To view all of your customization options or to start designing your 80×200 steel riding arena, visit our 3D Building Designer.

How Much Does a 80×200 Steel Riding Arena Cost?

Many factors affect the price of steel, and additional factors can affect the price of your steel riding arena, such as:

  • Local building codes
  • How many entrances do you need
  • The number and type of windows you want
  • Whether you want skylights
  • The type and amount of insulation you use
  • Exterior finishes like a fire-resistant coating
  • The types of gutters or downs you want to use
  • Additional customizations and enhancements
  • Premium paint colors

Our building experts can provide you with a free quote based on your needs and specifications.

Our 80×200 Riding Arenas are Built According to State and Local Building Codes

Building codes are put into place to ensure public safety, health, and welfare, but they may vary by city and state. At Titan Steel Structures, you never have to worry that your building will not be up to code. Our engineering experts are familiar with state and city building codes and we work with local engineers, allowing us to design everything to meet building codes before the structure is even put into place. All of our 80×200 steel riding arenas come stamped and sealed with engineering blueprints signed by a licensed engineer in your state.

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