80×150 Steel Outdoor and Indoor Riding Arenas

At Titan Steel Structures, our 80×150 steel building kit is one of our most popular riding arena sizes. We manufacture high-quality prefabricated steel buildings that are durable, low maintenance, and easy to construct which make them great for riding arenas. 80×150 pre-fabricated steel riding arenas are the perfect dimension for pleasure riding and training.

With an 80×150 steel riding arena, you will have enough room to put in a round pen to work your horse and still have plenty of room to ride. Additionally, you can install a viewing area with bleachers to allow visitors who would like to watch the horses train.

Whether you are looking into creating a riding arena that caters to new riders or experts, the 80×150 dimension is perfect for you. By opting for steel, you can rest assured that your riding arena will be aesthetically pleasing and durable. As a leader in the steel building industry, our prefabricated riding arenas can provide you with exceptional strength, durability, and versatility.

Riding Arena

Why Should You Choose Steel for an 80×150 Riding Arena?

While wood is the more traditional material to use for indoor riding arenas, steel can offer you so much more. Steel is an incredibly durable material, which means your riding arena will be long-lasting, able to withstand severe weather and save you money on yearly maintenance costs.

Even further, steel is easy to insulate, so you can keep your riders and horses comfortable whether you are facing hot summer temperatures or extremely cold winters. This is very important if you live in a state that experiences a varied climate throughout the year.

The benefits of choosing steel for your 80×150 riding arena include:

  • Little to no yearly maintenance
  • No need to worry about mold, mildew, or termites
  • Easy to insulate, saving you money on monthly energy bills
  • Steel does not require large support beams, providing you with a clear-span design and an open floor plan
  • Highly customizable and easy to add on more space later when your community grows
  • Plenty of space to train, ride, and spend time with your horses
  • Options for indoor and outdoor covered riding arenas, allowing you to choose the type of riding arena that best suits your needs
  • Protection from the elements and severe weather conditions
  • Steel is fire-resistant, which is incredibly important in states that deal with yearly wildfires

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Why is 80’x150’ a Popular Size for Steel Riding Arenas?

Because of its versatility and ease of construction, many people opt for our 80×150 steel riding arena kits. Our 80×150 steel riding arenas provide a clear span floor plan with no columns or beams which can accommodate all of your indoor and outdoor riding arena designs. This open floor plan allows for plenty of open riding and training space.

Our 80×150 riding arenas are the perfect size for a variety of equestrian activities, including pleasure riding, training, or even dressage competitions. Additionally, this size can accommodate most riding styles and are also a good size for trainers.

All Titan arenas can be expanded in the future by adding an expandable end wall, ensuring you never outgrow your riding arena.

Several options are available in terms of customizing an 80×150 steel riding arena.

Many agricultural property owners purchase an 80×150 indoor or outdoor arena kit to rent to ranches or equestrian facilities that seek the space. While many people choose to use this dimension for a riding arena, it can also be used on large farms that need 80 x 150 steel buildings for combined storage as well as equestrian buildings and feed storage.

If you’re looking to better understand what size riding arena you need, please give us a call.

Outdoor Riding Arena Kit

Indoor and Outdoor 80×150 Riding Arenas

Titan Steel Structures offers two different types of arena packages. For our customers that live in harsher conditions, we have the option of a fully enclosed or indoor riding arena. If you live in an area that generally gets ideal weather most of the year, a roof-only or outdoor riding arena (pictured here) might be best for you.

If your riding arena is going to be on a property with beautiful scenery, you might not want large walls to obstruct the views. Our outdoor riding arena package can offer you the protection you need from the elements while providing you with the aesthetic you have in mind.

Our outdoor arenas come with our “Equestrian Package” which includes non-expandable end-walls and portal frames in the side walls to have a completely open structure. We recommend gutters and downs for both our outdoor and covered riding arena kits.

Even further, our Equestrian Package will ensure that your riding arena needs are taken care of with proper draining, insulation packages, translucent panels, and many other customizations available to our customers.

How Much Does an 80×150 Steel Riding Arena Cost?

The price of steel can vary depending on the market. Sometimes, this can make it difficult to determine the exact price of a steel building. However, steel will typically run you about $25 to $30 per square foot without any customizations or specific design requests.

The factors that play a role in how much your 80×150 riding arena will cost include:

  • The location of your building and local building codes
  • The number of entrances you plan on having
  • The type and number of windows you would like
  • Whether the riding arena is indoor or outdoor
  • Whether you want a skylight
  • The type and amount of insulation you use
  • The types of gutters and downs you are interested in
  • Additional enhancements or customizations

When you choose steel instead of a cheaper material like wood, you will save money in the long run because materials like wood are susceptible to all types of damage, from mold and mildew to pests like termites and severe weather conditions. Steel is inorganic and highly durable, so you will not have to spend money on repairs for instances like the ones mentioned.

Steel Riding Arenas Built Based on State and Local Building Codes

Each state and city will have its own set of building codes that you are required to abide by. These building codes are put in place to ensure public health, safety, and welfare. Adhering to local building codes is extremely important when you are creating a new structure.

Thankfully, when you work with Titan Steel Structures you do not have to worry about failing an inspection. Our team of engineering experts will design your riding arena to meet state and local codes to prevent you from having to deal with the hassle. All of our 80×150 steel riding arenas come stamped and sealed with engineering blueprints signed by a licensed engineer in your state.

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