50x50x18 Small Aircraft Hangar Building

Airplanes are often the most expensive asset that any individual can own which is why they are rare or an oddity even. Even though most aircraft’s are incredibly durable when in the air they are just as fragile and vulnerable on the ground. A plane which can easily breeze through air turbulence without much issue can be destroyed on the ground by a sudden gust of wind. Plus, the environment contains things like ultraviolet rays, saline air, rain, dust, etc., all of which take their toll on the aircraft making having a steel aircraft hanger very important.

Ideally, the hanger will be easy to install, durable, and comfortably accommodate the plane. You wouldn’t want to buy something too big as most people don’t upgrade to larger plans every two or three years. So, buying one that is just large enough to accommodate the plane you own should suffice. The 50x50x18 small aircraft hanger is ideally suited for the smallest aircraft often owned by hobbyists and enthusiasts. We’ll discuss this size hanger in more detail below.

50x50x18 Airplane Hangar For Sale

The 50x50x18 airplane hanger is by far the best choice for anyone owning a small aircraft with a limited wingspan. However, since there are various size aircraft’s even in the so-called small aircraft hangar category, it would be worth double checking if your airplane can easily fit. Generally speaking, this size is the cheapest one to own minus any other expenses like local regulations and code, the tax rate and cost of land. That said, owning a hanger still works out to be a lot cheaper for most people who own a Piper J-3 Cub, Beechcraft, Cessna, Eclipse 550, G36 Bonanza, Icon A5 or private jets like the Cirrus Vision SF50, and SR22 or a similar size aircraft which can fit through a max 40×14 door.Small aircraft hangar for sale

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50x50x18 Airplane Hangar Plans

Titan Steel Structures goes one step further than most similar brands to ensure we provide customers with the best quality hangers, with easy to understand plans along with excellent customer support. We help with the design and management of your plans, which unlike conventional preparation and construction happens to be fully coordinated by our staff. All of which ensures that the prices for the 50x50x18 fit within your budget, by avoiding other miscellaneous overhead.

As flying enthusiasts, ourselves we know how expensive it can be to invest in an aircraft which is why we strive to ensure that the resulting aircraft hanger is of the best quality. The design and construction of your hanger will be the last thing you need to think about because we have you covered. Our professionals will handle everything so that you don’t have to!

50x50x18 Aircraft Hangar Prices

The 50x50x18 aircraft hangers are competitively priced but without compromising quality. So, you can be assured of excellent quality, durability, and long service life with our high quality American made steel buildingsOne of the most important factors to consider when purchasing your hangar is the hangar door size and model. This should be determined even before you start pricing your aircraft hangar.

prefabricated steel aircraft hangar

Should You Buy Small Airplane Hangar?
Yes, you should, and the 50x50x18 is highly recommended for most people. It is a perfect size aircraft hangar for personal use on your property or even at an airport. If you need help with selecting the right size, do not hesitate to get in touch with us! Whether you’re looking for a large or small aircraft hangar, Titan is with you every step of the way.

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