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Do I Have to Worry About Rust on a Metal Building? Protecting Your Metal Building

Prefabricated metal buildings are becoming increasingly popular. Instead of opting for a material like wood that is prone to water damage, mold, mildew, and termites, people are choosing to use metal. While metal requires less yearly maintenance than other types of building materials, there are still things you need to...

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Do Steel Building Kits Make Good Greenhouses?

If you have been caring for plants for a long time, you know that greenhouses are the best way to encourage growth and allow your plants to thrive. Even if you give your plants the highest quality soil, you still need the right climate to ensure they remain healthy and...

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Are You Safe Inside a Metal Building During a Lightning Storm?

Steel buildings are a versatile, durable option for many industrial, commercial, and personal projects. Whether you need storage for vehicles, a manufacturing facility, or a cozy, modern home, a steel building can meet your needs–and exceed your expectations. More people are turning to steel buildings now than ever before. As...

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5 Uses for a Lean-To on Your Metal Building

Metal buildings can provide a lot of usable space for a variety of commercial, residential, and industrial uses. But what if you need more room? If you find that the space inside your metal building suddenly feels too small for your needs, you may have wondered just how easy it...

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How Much Does a 60×80 Metal Building Cost?

While wood is the traditional material used for buildings, metal is proving to be a stronger, more reliable choice. When you choose wood for your building, you have to worry about yearly maintenance costs, pest infestations, and even water damage. However, choosing metal prevents you from having to worry about...

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